‘Turn’ Season 1, Episode 2: Preview, Live Stream ‘Who By Fire’

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After "The Walking Dead" season 4 ended, AMC launched a new TV show, "Turn." It is based on America's first spy ring and focuses on a man named Abraham Woodhull. He along with his childhood friends form a group called as The Culper Ring. This ring is a group of spies who would play a crucial role in the Revolutionary War. "Turn" season 1, episode 2 airs Sunday, April 31.

"Turn" season 1 future episodes will be available online on iTunes, AMCTV.com and Amazon Instant Video.

Synopsis for "Turn" Season 1, Episode 2:

"To prevent Anna being blamed for the murder of a Royal Officer, Abe must find the culprit; Ben and Caleb interrogate Simcoe."

Anna Strong - A Powerful Character in "Turn"

Abraham Woodhull is the main character around whom the story revolves, but Anna Strong is also an important character who is letting Abe do all the actions in the spy group. Zap2it talked to Heather Lind who plays the character of Anna in the show.

The website asked Heather how she prepared for the role.

"Unlike some of the other characters, there's really not that much information about Anna. It's partly because she's a woman and wasn't involved in the military side of the war, and partly because her name was never listed in the letters that [Alexander Rose] used his research for his book ["Washington's Spies"]. But we know that she existed and we know that she grew up in this town with the three other members of the Culper Ring, and we know that she hung laundry. That we do know. We know she was a spy. We are basically making all the connections that we possibly can to assume that she was a part of the ring."

Heather also read Alex's book and looked into Alexander Pope poetry. She chose to make Anna look self-taught and educated.

Check out the preview for "Turn" season 1, episode 2, "Who By Fire," here.

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