Tubbataha Reef Tweets of Donald Trump Son: Sordid or Gutsy?


It seems that comparing the price of a US minesweeper and a marine sanctuary is never a good way to earn public appeal as Filipino netizens take on Twitter in response to Donald Trump Jr., reports Inquirer.net.

"Yes, a $277-million boat is more important than a 200x50 section of reef that has already been run over," goes the infamous tweet of Trump Jr.

According to Rappler, the original plan was to propel the U.S. Navy to dismantle the USS Guardian to avoid more damage to the Tubbataha reefs, to which Trump, Jr. vehemently reacted negatively.

Filipino bloggers like Bayan Muna party-list Representative Teodoro Casiño was one of those who were riled by the comments of the American businessman.

As for any statements from the Malacanang Palace, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda merely dismissed Trump Jr.'s tweet.

"That kid is not a policymaker. We don't have to respond to each and every comment from somebody who just decides to say something. We know what should be done," he said in a statement to ABS-CBN News.

Pay for the damage

Former Philippine Senator Jamby Madrigal has recently suggested that the U.S. should pay for any damages made to the Philippine marine sanctuary.

While there has been a Php38 million (around $930,000) fine according to Inquirer.net reports, Madrigal commented that it was still too small compared to what has been paid to Hawaii for the damage of their coral reef in 2009.

Trump Jr. is the son of mogul Donald Trump, who has recently invested in a project in Makati City in the Philippines.

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