Truth Behind Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson 'Imaginative' Reunion: RPatz and KStew Really Over?

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Ever since Kristen Stewart's birthday on April 9, the media has been abuzz with stories on how Robert Pattinson has flown to Los Angeles to reunite with her "Twilight" starlet. Gossip Web sites have been churning stories about how an impending "Robsten" reunion is on the cards and the fans of "Twilight" saga have been hoping for the eternal reunion to take place on Kristen's 24th birthday. But Kristen's birthday came and went by. They were not seen together till now and no pictures have emerged of the ex-lovers together. Does this mean that Kristen and Robert are done with each other now?

Earlier on Valentine's Day the media went crazy with stories of KStew and RPatz planning a reunion on the lover's day. There was huge speculation in the media that Robert Pattinson has forgiven Kristen for cheating on him with "Snow White and Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders. KStew was caught up in a passionate smooch with Sanders, which even ended in Sanders and his wife breaking-up.  However Robert Pattinson seemed much wiser and did not show up on Valentine's Day to be with Kristen. They were not pictured together on the special day.

But "Robsten" fans thrive on hope. For them, hopes of seeing the reunion of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen is their life. There were new speculations that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are planning to reunite for the sake of their pet pooches as they want them to mate. None of this thing happened.

Robert Pattinson has been quite busy with his shooting of "Life" in Toronto from past quite some time and Kristen Stewart is now planning to start shooting for a new movie from Aril 14 in New Orleans. The starlet has been busy promoting her flick "Camp X-Ray" at Sundance Film Festival and also busy with being the brand ambassador for various high profile perfumes.

Hollywood Life also reported that Kristen will celebrate her birthday at Coachella festival where RPatz was expected to join her. The festival kicks off on April 11 while Kristen's birthday falls on April 9. How can she have celebrations after her birthday is over? From April 14, Kristen is also scheduled to start filming for a new project for which she has coloured her hair orange. With so much on her cards, when does she have time to think about a reunion with RPatz?

Do you believe that there is no reunion that is bound to happen between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? Both have moved on with their respective careers and are quite happy single and focusing on their work. Their reunion is only the mastermind of hard core "Twilight" fans and will only happen if the couple gets a chance to work on a project together. What are your views? Do share. 

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