True Detective Season 2 Casting News, Spoilers: Find Out Who is ‘in Talks’ to Star in the Show; Plot and Character Details Revealed

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HBO's popular detective show "True Detective" may not return with its season 2 until next year. However, rumours and speculations about its casting are running rampant. According to the latest update, names of two Hollywood actors have emerged. The media is abuzz at the prospect of "Wedding Crashers" actor Vince Vaughn and "Girl, Interrupted" actress Elisabeth Moss starring in "True Detective" Season 2. Also, the much-awaited plot details have been revealed. Read on to find out the details. [Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead!]

This article contains potential spoilers from "True Detective" Season 2. Read at your own risk.

True Detective Season 2 Casting Spoilers

TV Line reports that Vince Vaughn is in "preliminary talks" for a role with the show runners of "True Detective" Season 2. There is no official word specifying the role of his potential new project, but it is reported that the actor could portray "one of the three leads."

The news comes after the July report suggesting Hollywood actors Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch are the frontrunners to play the role of two out of three detectives.

Meanwhile, The Wrap claims that Vince Vaughn "is in talks" for the role of "central antagonist." The Hollywood news publication clarifies that the antagonist may not necessarily be a "villain or murderer" in "True Detective" Season 2's storyline.

The report further notes that Elisabeth Moss could be joining the cast, too, who would be joining Farrell and Kitsch as the third lead. Also, it is reported that the "True Blood" actress Michelle Forbes may also appear as a "key" character on the show.

However, the news remains unconfirmed since HBO did not "comment on casting decisions" as noted by website.

True Detective Season 2 Plot Details

The Wrap has also acquired major plot and character details. For those eager fans, here are few potential spoilers from "True Detective" Season 2 as revealed by the publication dedicated to "covering Hollywood."

According to the report, "True Detective" Season 2 will be setup in "fictional California," where a "corrupt city manager" is savagely murdered. The death of Ben Casper occurs amid "potentially groundbreaking transportation deal that would forever change freeway gridlock in the state." The investigation of the murder is spearheaded by "three law enforcement officers," hailing from "different cities" and "branches of the government."

According to the report, Vince Vaughn could possibly play the role of "a former thug-turned-businessman" named Frank Semyon. Frank is an employee at "local mayor's" office and gets involved with "a high speed railway system" connecting Southern California to Northern California for monetary benefits.

Moss's potential character could be "a tough no-nonsense sheriff" named Ani Bezzerides. The report notes that her "troubled" childhood has taken her to the world of gambling and alcohol. As for Colin Farrell, he is reportedly getting close to bag the deal for portraying the role of Ray Velcoro. Meanwhile, Taylor Kitsch could be playing the role of a military vet named Paul Woodrugh.

It is reported that Nic Pizzolatto is still working on the script and the network is still looking for "multiple directors" to helm "True Detective" Season 2. Meanwhile, fans must note that there is no official confirmation of the news yet. In the absence of any confirmation the news remains unconfirmed. The Wrap notes that "HBO has not commented on any 'True Detective' speculation thus far."

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