‘True Detective’ Season 2 Casting and Filming Update: Producer Talks Challenges and Developing ‘Compelling Story’; Casting to Begin Soon

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"True Detective" Season 2 is happening but won't be back until later in the year. Fans are eager about the second installment of the eight-part thriller drama that debuted in 2014. Within few days after its premiere, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson starrer show gained enormous following that got its fans involved in solving Dora Lange case outside the show. "True Detective" fans are now looking forward to a sensational season with another brilliant mystery to solve.

While not much is revealed, fans know that "True Detective" Season 2 is in the works. Show's creator Nic Pizzolatto has dished out some early spoilers about upcoming installment. It is known that the anthology show will feature three leads instead of two. Moving away from the outskirts of Louisiana, the show will be setup in California this time.  

In To the Best of Our Knowledge podcast (via Uproxx.com), Nic Pizzolatto admitted that they "have entire season broken out, and I have a couple of scripts..."

He also revealed that they will start casting "within the coming month."

Executive Producer Scott Stephens talked about the show's development and challenges at Los Angeles' Produced by Conference over the weekend.

"We promised, in a fit of madness, that every year would be different," said the EP at the Conference (via Film School Rejects) about the challenges they are facing now.

"The idea was to fuse cinematic elements into a television program, to use the episodic format to tell finite stories every year with a beginning, middle and end. We hoped to attract talent that would normally not do television, because there's no ongoing season-to-season commitment," added Stephens.

"Now, after the completion of season 1, we're left trying to replicate that model, while... we do have to get the show back on the air," continued Stephens.

So, how are they moving forward with "True Detective" Season 2?

Stephens admits that they are now left "scratching heads, digging deep and trying to develop a compelling story in timely manner."

Only Director Cary Fukunaga was tackling the entire season 1. As for season 2, it was previously revealed that the show will be helmed by more than one director.

During the panel discussion, Stephens state that the one thing that remains consistent when everything else is being reset is "strength of the writing."

"We only have one writer," stated Stephens.

He promises that this "one consistent thing" will bring forth "a consistent depth of character and that skewed vision of the world."

Meanwhile, "True Detective" Season 2 casting rumours are running wild. Jessica Chastain, Brad Pitt, Ellen Paige and more have been rumoured to be in the running for the lead roles. Recently, Matthew McConaughey admitted in the interview with Deadline that he is "open to doing another one now."

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