'True Detective' Season 2 Cast Update Plus Plot Spoilers: After Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain Speculated to Lead, New Plot is Female Centric

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"True Detective " season 1 was indeed the best drama series to come from HBO's arsenal. It became the hot favorite drama within a few days of going on air. Not only it got a nod from the audience but went on to become one of the most critically acclaimed dramas of all time. But being a anthology series, the makers of the show have to start from a fresh page for season 2. Fans can't help wonder about the cast and plot of the new season.

Rumours have it that the maker of the show Nic Pizzolatto is looking for a female lead for the show as season 2 is female centric. According to reports by Nerdist.com, one of the names who is leading in the race of female leads is Jessica Chastain.

Apparently, Pizzollato wants season 2 to be more female centric.

"Zero Dark Thirty" actress has been offered a lead role in the show for the "True Detective" season 2 but she is still considering the offer," suggested the source to the Web site.

Representatives of the actress have denied to comment on the rumours and there still no official confirmation regarding the cast of the series. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt's name is already making rounds for the lead. Does that mean Chastain could partner Pitt in solving the crime mystery?

It is being said that Pitt has already given green light to the production house for the lead role in the much acclaimed drama series.

"Brad is already part of the HBO family and if commitments allow he will be part of the second season of True Detective. The quality of the scripts means the biggest A-listers in the world want the role, "Daily Star UK quoted a source.

Moreover, Pizzolatto is also working on a new crime thriller, which is being adapted for big screen, according to Variety. 

The film is going to be based on Pizzolatto  novel called Galvestone.

The synopsis of the book reads as follows (as per Enstarz): " It focuses on a New Orleans hitman diagnosed with lung cancer who discovers his mobster boss has decided to have him killed."

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