‘True Detective’ Season 1 Spoilers: Who is The Yellow King? Mystery Unveiled [Speculations]

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"True Detective" fans are completely mesmerized with the unsolved mystery of Dora Lange's ritualistic murder case. The clues associated with the murder do not only have Detective Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Detective Hart (Woody Harrelson) baffled, but it also has its fans wondering, carrying out an investigation of their own. If you are also thinking over the mystery of the Yellow King, then here is an answer for you. Read full article, to unveil the mystery of the Yellow King and to find more details about the looming question in the show. [Spoilers]

'True Detective' Season 1: Who is the Yellow King? [Spoilers, Speculations]

At the moment, the Yellow King mystery is prominent and the focal point of Dora Lange's murder case in the show "True Detective." Ever since the name surfaced in "True Detective" Season 1 Episode 2 titled "Seeing Things" the Yellow King, Carcosa and black stars have become the hottest topic of discussion for the fans of the show.

Probably, it may not be revealed until few more episodes that who is the Yellow King. But here are some clues to The Yellow King's mystery, discovered in Dora Lange's diary which contains verbiage associated to some fantasy world or ritualistic practices.

According to reports by several media outlets, black stars falling and the Yellow King references have its roots in the literature of 1800s author Robert W.Chambers. Reportedly, references of black stars, place called Carcosa and the Yellow King stem from a collection of short stories titled "The King in Yellow" by Robert W. Chambers written in 1895.

According to Inquisitr, the first four and the best stories in "The King in Yellow" trace the story of the character who is a "depraved monarch." He is the king of the place called Carcosa. It is in this place where "black stars" shine.

According to speculations by MTV.com, there could be an "actual person" called the Yellow King in "True Detective," nation. He or she may not possess "supernatural" abilities but is very powerful and continues to claim the lives of children and women.  

The Telegraph claims that "True Detective" references of the Yellow King, has made 120 year old book titled "The King in Yellow" a bestseller on Amazon. The book from which ambiguous references of the Yellow King, Carcosa and black stars have derived has claimed fourth place in the overall bestsellers chart of the week. It reached the number one place in the classic horror category in amazon.co.uk.

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