‘True Detective’ Season 1 Finale Spoilers: What Happens in Episode 8, Airdate, Where to Watch Live and How it All Ends [VIDEO]

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"True Detective" is one of the biggest shows to debut on TV in the year 2014. The masterful series and engrossing mystery is about to wrap up soon. But before that, enthusiastic fans who have actively participated in looking for the clues to the references made, want answers to lingering questions. Fans are just one episode away to watch the truth uncover in front of their eyes and find out who the Yellow King is in "True Detective" Season 1 Finale Episode (8). Here is everything you need to know about the finale of the HBO's detective series.

Warning: Spoiler Alert! This article contains major spoilers from "True Detective" Season 1 Finale Episode (8). Read only if you want to know more about the episode before its broadcast.

'True Detective' Season 1 Finale Episode (8) Spoilers: Everything to Know About it

"True Detective" Season Finale Episode (8) is titled "Form and Void" and is scheduled to air on March 9, 2014 at 9 PM on HBO series

According to the synopsis of "True Detective" finale episode Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) Hart (Woody Harrelson) are headed towards a solid clue that will eventually help them wind off the case after 17 years. Fans are anticipating seeing Dora Lange and others to get justice on this day when Cohle and Hart get down to their jobs of detectives for one last time.

Synopsis suggest that an "overlooked detail will provide Hart and Cohle with an important new lead in their 17-year-old case." What is the detail that has been right under their nose but they failed to see? Is it really the detective's curse at play that cost them 17 years of delay to solve the murder mystery?

HBO also released a promo video which hints an action-packed finale for the show. Scroll down to watch the promo video from 'True Detective' Season 1 Finale Episode (8) "Form and Void." The promo video shows lots of gun-firings and chasing while Cohle and Hart put their lives in danger to locate the Yellow King.

Until now fans know that it is not the work of one person and it could be an entire cult devoted to practice that is causing killing and disappearance of children and women from Louisiana. "True Detective" Season 1 Episode 7 "After You've Gone" assured the involvement of the Tuttles, an affluent family in Louisiana. And at the end of the episode there was Errol, the lawnmower who was cutting the grass in circular pattern and had scars on his face.

Over the period of time, Cohle has gathered some clues and he is determined to find the Yellow King or the killer. The promo begins with a man telling "It's been weeks since I left my mark. Would that they had eyes to see..." Is this the killer, who is talking about the marks he left on the bodies of his victims? Is he the Yellow King?

In another shot, Hart is back in the interrogation room where Papania seeks some information he feels Hart "is obstructing." Does he already know that the duo is working off-the-records?

Even though they are still looking around for more clues, but it seems they are getting closer to what they were looking for. The most exciting part of the promo is when Hart and Cohle enter into what looks like Carcosa's cave and the same voice says, "This is Carcosa. Take off your mask." There are drawings on the wall and white light shining down from the roof. Is this where the killer lives and keeps all his victims?

At the end, Hart questions a frightened woman. She tells him "He's going to come for you. He's worse than anybody." It seems she refuses to reveal related information and he jolts her with a gun pointing to her head.

Other highpoints from "True Detective" Season 1 Finale Episode (8) "Form or Void" includes a glimpse of a man walking around a victim tied-down. There is a scene Cohle signals a shooter to shoot but towards whom? Also, Hart can be seen running in the woods with his gun followed by Cohle running in the woods. And there is Papnia who appears with cops.

It seems Cohle and Hart are determined to locate the killer who has been committing gross crimes for so many years and manages to stay under the radar. Do you think Cohle and Hart will be able uncover the truth and unveil the devil?

Watch the promo video from "True Detective" Season 1 Finale Episode (11) "Form and Void," below:

Video: True Detective Season 1: Episode #8 Preview (HBO)

Credit: Youtube.com/ HBO

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