‘True Detective’ Episode 6 Spoilers: Things to Expect in ‘Haunted Houses’; Maggie Reveals Secret of Hart and Cohle’s Fallout [Video]


True Detective Season 1 is midway and approaching its finale soon. Detective Papania and Gilbough are still trying to find the culprit of Dora Lange's murder that reopened after 17 years. Along with the mystery of the murder, continues the mystery of the Yellow King, which first surfaced in the second episode of the show. Papania and Gilbough continue to interrogate and investigate Cohle and Hart in "True Detective" Episode 6 when Cohle is now being suspected to be involved in Dora Lange's murder case.[Spoilers Alert!]

'True Detective' Season 1 Episode 6: Things to Expect [Spoilers]

'True Detective' Season 1 Episode 5 titled "Secret Fate of All Life," made for an intense one-hour episode. In an attempt to solve the murder mystery, the officers unearthed some clues which have now pulled Detective Cohle as the focus of suspicion. Ledoux who was thought to be the killer of Dora Lange, is dead and Hart's affair with Lisa has caused same major troubles and there is something up with his older daughter.

Fans will find answers to some important questions in the series in "True Detective" Season 1 Episode 6 titled "Haunted Houses." The show that revolves around ritualistic murder mystery has some significant situations and questions looming in the background. It is a well known fact that back in 2002, there is something that caused the bitter split of the duo Cohle and Hart. This week, Maggie, Hart's ex-wife will recollect the memories of the fall out that led to the differences and split of Cohle and Hart in 2002. In the wake of that fall out, Cohle quit his job in the police force.

The sneak peek video of "Haunted Houses" episode, suggests that something really went wrong between the two as recalled by Maggie during the investigation wherein she refers to Rust as a good man.

Furthermore, during an investigation, a victim confessed to Cohle that "the man with scars" forced her to watch something that is not revealed. Meanwhile, as Cohle works round-the-clock to gather every bit of information leading to the Dora Lange murder case, Hart is caught up in familial issues as his marriage falls apart. There is a moment when Hart can be seen trying to attack someone in anger.

At this moment, the Yellow King is the focal point of investigation. Not much has been revealed about the Yellow King but Cohle is trying to gather all the clues related to the Yellow King and how it is related to Dora Lange's murder case. Fans are now getting eager to find out who is this Yellow King, but it seems they need to wait a bit longer. Meanwhile, watch the spoilers' promo video of "True Detective" Season 1 Episode 6 "Haunted Houses," below. The show returns on Feb. 23, 2014 on HBO.

Video: True Detective Season 1: Episode #6 Preview (HBO)

Credit: Youtube.com/ HBO

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