‘True Blood’ Star Stephen Moyer on Directing Wife Anna Paquin’s Sex Scene with Joe Manganiello; Plus ‘True Blood: The Musical’ in the Works

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True Blood stars Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Cast member Stephen Moyer and his wife, and co-star, Anna Paquin pose at the premiere of the seventh and final season of the HBO television series "True Blood" in Hollywood, California June 17, 2014. The series debuts on June 22. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

“True Blood” star Stephen Moyer has revealed what it’s like to direct his wife Anna Paquin’s sex scene with their co-star Joe Manganiello, saying it didn’t bother them at all. Also, HBO may resurrect the vampire series as a musical after it ends.

Nudity and sex scenes aren’t new to the show. And in the seventh and last season, viewers can expect those to continue, starting with Paquin and Manganiello’s sex scene, which Moyer has directed.

In the season finale in 2013, Sookie [Paquin] and Alcide [Manganiello] finally became a couple, which meant that there would be intimate scenes between them come the next season.

For real-life couple Paquin and Moyer, filming such scenes is just another day at the office.

“There are moments where I’ll be watching on a monitor [and say], ‘Oh, Joe, just move your hand up towards Anna’s breast. Good. And can you move your right thumb just a little bit towards her nipple? Great.’ And then I’ll go, ‘Babe, babe, enjoy it.’ I’m certainly talking to her as ‘babe.’ ‘Darling, go for it. Yeah, feel the nipple,’” Moyer told Entertainment Weekly.

“We set the bar very high for weird very early on. We’ve done a lot of odd s*** on this show,” Paquin added. “Actually, the potential awkward couplings [are] not the weirdest s*** that we’ve done on this show.”

Moyer, who plays the vampire Bill Compton, said that is was even “quite interesting” for them because “we’ve kind of gone to places where a lot of people don’t get to.”

“Or have to,” the 31-year-old actress interjected.

Sookie and Alcide’s sex scene isn’t the first one Moyer has directed.

“When you are directing your wife in a sex scene, you get to do what the writers come up with,” he had told eonline.com during the sixth season premiere in June 2013.

“Maybe they’re coming up with something you haven’t thought of before. You can try things out without it being weird.”

Paquin and Moyer, 44, met on the show. They married in August 2010, and have a twin son and daughter (born in 2012) together.

Meanwhile, “True Blood: The Musical” might become a possibility after the series ends.

“We’ve got a couple of songs already,” series composer Nathan Barr told E!

“The story lends itself to a musical. The challenge for us is the minute I thought about True Blood: The Musical, I myself kind of groan. I can see the bad version of that. It’s really a matter of finding a way of sort of reinventing it.”

Although Barr said he has the rights, his idea is “not a guaranteed thing yet.”

“HBO doesn’t have to like it, but hopefully they will and they’ll give us the shot to make it and bring it to Broadway.”

“True Blood” season seven will premiere in the U.S. on June 22.

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