True Blood Spoilers: Eric’s Enemy is Revealed as Hep-V Antidote in Season 7 Episode 6, Karma


Eric's enemy, Sarah Newlin, reveals to her sister, Amber, that she drank the entire antidote and is now the walking, talking human antidote [the only cure]. When Eric and Pam reach Amber's house, with Yakamoto Corp.'s men, they discover that the Hep-V positive Amber has been cured. They are yet to find out that their enemy is a born again Buddha and is the antidote.

In the previous episode, Eric had squeezed the jaw of a Yazuka man and then had ripped it off.  "Karma," Episode 6 of "True Blood" Season 7, opens with Eric in a mood to slay all the Yazuka's men. However, Pam, who appears in front of him in chains and as a hostage, puts a full-stop to his murderous mood. Both are taken to Yakamoto's office. The vice president of North America demands to know the whereabouts of Sarah, as her act of contaminating true blood has put a big lock on their business. It takes some daylight treatment and Pam's words to make Eric cough out details about Sarah's vampire sister. Eric and the VP agree on a deal. Eric gets to kill Sarah and the VP gets her dead body.       

Back at Bon Temps, Jessica hears Bill talking on phone, telling a lawyer that he needs to re-do his will and that he is not sure how much time he has left. While he is gone, Jessica calls-up Jason and asks him to bring Sookie with him to Bill's place. Jessica tells them that Bill too has contracted the deadly virus. Sookie remembers the time when she had cut herself to attract the rogue Hep-V infected vampires and had exposed herself. She may have passed the virus to Bill. Jason takes her to the clinic. She later receives the call from the doctor, confirming that she is Hep-V positive, too.

At the lawyer's office, there is a long queue of Hep-V positive vampires, waiting for their turn to meet the lawyer. Bill, too, has to wait a good six to seven hours before he can meet the lawyer. Bill realises that the virus in his body is accelerating faster than expected. He sees that his veins are rapidly turning black. The lawyer turns out to be an opportunist. She tells him that it would not be easy for him to transfer his estate to his progeny, Jessica. She demands a hefty sum, $1 million dollars, to speed-up Bill's case. The greediness results in the death of the lawyer, as Bill kills her and also one of her men.   Bill returns home to find Jessica and Sookie waiting for him.    

Andy finds Adilyn and Wade making out. He is furious and chases a naked Wade out of his house. This makes Holly angry at Andy and she walks out of his house, with her son. Later, Arlene wears the peace-maker hat and makes Holly and Andy see reason and apologise to each other. Holly and Andy return home only to find that their children are not at home.

At Sam's house, Nicole tells Sam that she is leaving Bon Temps, as she does not want to raise her daughter at a crazy place. She wants Sam also to follow her and he has one night to make a decision.  

Jason wants to break-up with Violet. The first time she uses sex to keep him quiet. Later when he comes home after a talk with Sookie, he is determined to tell Violet that they break-up. But, Violet has already left, leaving behind a goodbye note.  

However, it looks like Violet has no plans to let go Jason, easily. She catches Adilyn and Wade making out in the tree-house. She tells them about a house where they are free to do what they want to do. Adilyn and Wade are more than happy to go there. Violet asks Wade and Adilyn to leave behind their phones, so that no one is able to track them.

Tara's mother and Lafayette suck James's blood and they both are transported to where Tara is present. They follow Tara, as she takes them to their old house. The reverend wakes-them-up and they are unable to see what Tara wants to tell them and find at the old house. 

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