True Blood SPOILERS: Eric, Bill, Sookie Team-Up to Tackle Rogue Vampires in Season 7, Episode 4 Death is Not the End

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There is no major death in this episode of "True Blood," if one does not count the decimation of the Hep-V infected vampires and the near annihilation of Vince led vigilante group. Eric Northman returns to Bon Temps, with Pam. There is no time for him to rest, as he soon enlists to help Sookie and Bill, as they take on the rogue vampires who had made Fangtasia their base.

Sookie helps a traumatised Holly to re-trace her steps and reveal where the rogue vampires had held her hostage, along with the rest. This is how she finds out about Fangtasia She also comes to know that Arlene and Nicole are still alive, while Kevin is dead. To tackle the rogue vampires and free Arlene and Nicole, Bill calls-up some of the healthy vampires for help, but he also warns Sookie that they would be out-numbered. Sookie wants to know why Bill is getting involved when he knows the dangers. Bill looks into her eyes and says, because he owes everything to her. Meanwhile, Jason stops Sam from heading to Fangtasia, without a plan and help.

Later, Sam takes the form of a rat to find out the location of Arlene and Nicole. When he returns again to the basement with help, the rogue vampires had taken away Arlene. The blood-thirsty rogue vampires pounce on Arlene and start sucking her blood. They stop when Eric knocks at the front door of the Fangtasia. He is let in because the infected vampires think he is one of them, and he has a human, Sookie, with him. One of the vampires wants to feed on Sookie, but the authoritative voice of Eric stops him. Soon Bill and the healthy vampires attack and start to kill the rogue ones. Vince and his vigilante group also arrive and some of them are soon put to death, including Vince.    

Outside the club, the healthy vampires and the one unhealthy vampire, Eric, stand victorious against the infected vampires.  Inside, Arlene is almost on the verge of re-uniting with Terry, but Vampire Keith arrives and becomes her saviour. She drinks his blood and is soon on her way to recovery.

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