'True Blood' Spoilers: Death Of A Major Character, Highly Anticipated, Weirdest Sex Scene In Final Episodes

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The final moments of "Almost Home," episode 8 "True Blood" Season 7, have trigged speculations about Bill's fate in the final two episodes of the final season. The Hep-V positive vampire refused to drink the blood of antidote Sarah Newlin and become virus free. The virus in his body is accelerating at a crazy speed, and without the cure, or a miracle, Bill is unlikely to survive. The new spoiler report has hinted that a major character will not survive episode 9, but does not confirm whether it is Bill who is going to die.

The next two episodes are likely to tie-up a lot of loose-ends of the storyline, which includes the question of Bill's mortality, according to TV Guide. The report also confirms that one of the main characters is saying goodbye in the penultimate episode, without revealing the name of the character.

TV Line reports that not everyone will get a happy ending in the final season. The report reveals that Arlene and Keith's love tale, however, will end on a happy note. As Arlene is Hep-V positive, these two cannot have sex, so there is unlikely to be a sex scene involving them. But, episode 9 is set to show Arlene in a different frame of mind because of her relationship with the vampire.

Both TV Line and TV Guide talk about 'the sex scene' in the new episode of "True Blood." TV Line calls it one of the "highly anticipated sex scenes in True Blood history." And, TV Guide reports that this sex scene is "one of the show's weirdest -- and funniest -- sex scenes between a long-unrequited pair."

TV Guide also hints that a "longstanding love triangle will be resolved."

Meanwhile, the fans of this vampire drama series can participate in an auction and bid for "True Blood" memorabilia, including props, items in the vampire wardrobe, set decorations and more, according to Variety. At the auction, there are more than 1,500 items from the show.

ScreenBid is hosting this auction. Variety reports that the bidding is scheduled to open on Aug. 20 and it will end on Aug. 25.

The series finale of "True Blood" is scheduled to air on Aug. 24.

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