‘True Blood’ Spoilers: Bill Reveals His Reason To Eric, Ginger, Eric’s Crazy Sex Scene In Love Is To Die


The penultimate episode of "True Blood" Season 7 opens with Bill refusing the cure, saying he has accepted his fate. Sookie wants him to stop hiding behind his fate. She asks him to accept his destiny, which is Sarah's blood. Sookie says he is making a choice, and that is not accepting his fate. After he dies, Jessica and Sookie will have to live with that choice. Bill remains adamant, saying he is choosing his true death.    

Jessica wants Bill to release her. Bill sets her free as his progeny.  A confused and angry Sookie slaps Bill a couple of times, but the vampire does not tell the real reason. Eric holds her hand to stop her from slapping Bill, again. Bill walks away from the cure while Sookie leans on Eric's chest to find some emotional support. Jessica finds Pam's jacked to shed tears on.

Sookie and Jessica make a visit to Sam's house. There, two letters are waiting for them in the empty house. One of the letters is for Sookie. It reveals that Sam has decided to leave Bon Temps, as he loves Nicole and wants to raise his baby girl. He invites Sookie to visit them in Chicago after the baby is born. The second letter is addressed to Andy.

Sookie gives Sam's letter to Andy at Bellefleur's Bar and Grill. The words "I resign" are written in the letter. Arlene is hosting a family style dinner to begin the process of reviving her floundering business. James and Lafayette are there, as well. Jessica asks James if he and Lafayette are happy, together. James says yes and this makes Jessica leave Bellefleur's before dinner.

Jessica goes straight to Hoyt's place. Her knocks interrupt Hoyt and Bridgette's moment of closeness after he had convinced her that he did not know Jessica. Hoyt opens the door and Jessica talks about her and Hoyt's past.  Bridgette wants Jessica to stop saying anything further. Hoyt chooses Jessica and follows her out to listen to the rest of the story. Jessica tells him that Bill has released her and the only person she could think of to be with at that moment is Hoyt. Bridgette calls-up Jason. Hoyt's solid punch is what he receives when he arrives.

When Jason wakes-up, he finds himself in his car and Bridgette is driving. He wants her to take him to his place, and adds that they are not going to have sex, that night. Bridgette cannot fathom why they would have sex that night. But, Jason tells her that it is needed to be said. At his house, Jason reveals to her that he and Hoyt were best friends. But, he messed it up.  He tells Bridgette that for Hoyt and Jessica it was love at first sight. And, Jason tells Bridgette that Hoyt and Jessica belong, together. Bridgette wants to teach Jason how to not have sex with someone. The two lie on the bed side by side and talk.

Hoyt and Jessica come close after Jessica tells him that she was young when she had first met him. She had yet to explore her dark side.  Now, she knows what she wants and she wants to be with him. The two end-up making love.

Eric visits Bill to know the reason behind his refusal to get healed. Bill reveals that it is for Sookie's happiness that he is refusing the cure. He tells him about his vision of Sookie cradling a black void, possibly Bill and her child. She had given birth to death and that is what he and Eric are. He wants to set Sookie free. Bill tells Eric that they are drawn toward Sookie because of her light and likewise, she is pulled towards them because of their darkness. Bill reminds Eric that he has done a lot of bad things to Sookie, but she has still come back to him. He wants Eric to convince Sookie to have a talk with him.

Eric is waiting for Sookie near Bellefleur's. He tells her that Bill would like to call her that night and explain himself. Eric tells Sookie that Bill will reveal to her that he is doing it for her and his explanation will not sound crazy. As he does not have a car to drop Sookie at her house, he picks her up in his arms and flies-off.  

After dropping Sookie at the front of her house, Eric goes to Fangtasia. Ginger wants to know why he did not tell her he has been cured. Eric tells her that he would apologise by f---king her. It is the throne where she wants to straddle him. This crazy sex starts with Eric drinking from Ginger and ends with Ginger taking three pushes for her orgasm and then slipping off Eric, and falling asleep.

Bill gives a call to Sookie and later crosses the cemetery to have a talk with her at her house. Eric finds Pam, Mr Gus, Yazuka men and Sarah in the dungeon. Pam has been tied to a table and there is a huge wooden stake dangling right over her. Mr Gus threatens to finish off Pam if Eric does not tell him the truth -- whether Sookie knows about antidote Sarah, or not. Eric admits that Sookie knows about the cure. Mr Gus wants Eric to blurt out Sookie's address, as well. The stake is only some inches away from Pam's heart.   

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