True Blood Spoilers: Alcide Killed because Season 7 is Bill, Sookie’s Season

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"True Blood" is in its final run and there are only four episodes left before the curtain falls. There have been a couple of shocking deaths in the final season so far, including that of Tara and Alcide. The killing of Alcide was a shocker. He died while trying to save Sookie in the episode titled "Fire in the Hole."

Speaking about the death of Alcide, Brian Buckner, executive producer of the show, said at the Comic-Con, as quoted by Variety, "I think we've really given these people their due. It's our last season... this season had to be about Bill and Sookie. It's not going to be exactly what you think it is, but Alcide had to go."

"This show started out and worked because of the chemistry they shared... they [Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin] got married for us!" However, Bucker did not reveal how they are going back to them, but said, "I certainly felt that we had to come back to Bill and Sookie."

The recent episodes revealed that Bill, too, has contracted Hep-V virus and it is accelerating, rapidly, in his vampire body.  Sookie, in the last episode, found out that she is also Hep-V positive and that she has passed on the virus to Bill. Sarah Newlin turned out to be the antidote, the only cure available to treat the deadly virus.

Buckner said that there will be no slowing down in the remaining episodes of "True Blood" final season. He revealed that the focus will be on romance. Variety quoted him as saying, ""It's not done changing, it's not gonna slow down any, there's just a bit more focus on romance... We put last season's issue to rest early on purpose. We know you love these characters, so we landed them in a place where we hope you guys will be okay not with getting them anymore."

The upcoming episode 7 of "True Blood" is titled "May Be the Last Time." In the episode, Sookie will be searching for a cure to save Bill's life, and is going to meet an "unexpected resource," according to the episode's synopsis.  

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