‘True Blood’ Season Six Spoilers: Major Character Dies + Stephen Moyer On Directing Wife’s Sex Scenes


Get ready for a heartbreaking season of True Blood as a major character gets killed. The cast of the hit U.S. series have revealed that they couldn't hold their tears from falling upon learning that they would have to say goodbye to a main character.

They've been hinting at it for months, but it didn't seem so real before since it appeared even the actors didn't have a concrete idea about it. But it's real and it's happening, and the cast couldn't even believe it themselves.

"It's heartbreaking," Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse in the series, confided the said death to eonline.com. "I was actually quite surprised that we had survived as long as we have without any true main cast dying.

"It was tough; even in the table read when we knew that this character was going to go, there were tears galore."

There are a lot of deaths that fans should expect in the new season, but this particular unnamed character's death is expected to tug at the viewers' heartstrings. But in the case of the actors, the demise of their castmate's character was devastating.

"It sucked!" Chris Bauer (Andy Bellefleur) complained. "When you get used to being around somebody and get to know them both as their character and who they are, it's just not fair to see them go."

Joe Manganiello, who plays the werewolf Alcide Herveaux, added, "It's sad. The table read was really sad, heartfelt.

"That person cried. We all clapped, and then in True Blood fashion, we had red velvet cake. When someone dies, they serve red velvet cake. Like, bloody cake, and you eat it ceremoniously, which is kind of what werewolves do."

A clearly emotional Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) simply described the episode as "very emotional."

Meanwhile, Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) has no qualms in directing real life wife Anna Paquin's (Sookie Stackhouse) sex scenes on camera. Moyer has directed episodes from the last and the current season.

"When you are directing your wife in a sex scene, you get to do what the writers come up with," he told the Web site at the season six premiere of the programme in Hollywood. "Maybe they're coming up with something you haven't thought of before. You can try things out without it being weird."

While Moyer wasn't uncomfortable about it, his wife's onscreen love interest certainly found it awkward.

"When the first scene came up, I went to [Moyer] and I was like, 'How can I make this easy for you?'" said Robert Kazinsky, who plays Ben Flynn.

"He said, 'Don't! She's great. Just do what you need to do. She'll do what she needs to do and just forget about it.' I was like, 'I'll try.' But it's not easy."

The sixth season of True Blood premieres on June 17 in Australia.

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