‘True Blood’ Season 7 Spoilers: Who is Playing Pam’s Treat?

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"True Blood" team has roped-in Ashley Barron to play Pam's Treat in Episode 3 of the upcoming season, according to IMDb's posting. The name of the character has not been revealed, or what kind of 'Treat' role Barron will be playing.

In "True Blood" Season 5, Pam shared a hot kiss with Tara, and in Season 6, these two grew closer and shared a sexual relationship. Barron's character, Pam's 'Treat' is for sure intriguing, and makes one wonder what kind of bonding she will have with Pam, and what will be Tara's reaction to that.    

Talking about her relationship with Tara, Kristin Bauer van Straten, who plays Pam, had said in an interview with Huffington Post, "... I love that pairing [Tara and Sam]. I want to find out what happens with that relationship as well. It was so multi-layered. I went through a whole season trying to kill her, and I have to make her, so now she's my baby, and she's hot, so now I'm making out with her. I think that's how life is, it's messy."

"True Blood" returns sometime in summer, 2014 for its final season, with ten episodes. The premiere episode is titled, "Jesus Gonna Be Here." Directed by Stephen Moyer, this episode will feature multiple-flashbacks, including that of Tara and Sookie as 10-year-olds.  For the final season, "True Blood" returns to the original theme of human-vampire relationship.    

Talking about what to expect in the final season of "True Blood," Moyer had said to E! Online that Bill and Sam will come up with an idea that a vampire should protect a human. This theme is expected to be explored throughout the final season.  

"Bill and Sam got together and kind of came up with this idea that each human should have their own vampire protecting them, so that's another theme that we will follow throughout the season," Moyer had said.

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