‘True Blood’ Season 7 Spoilers: Season of New Love Interests

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HBO's popular series "True Blood" began production on the final season in January. The final season is set to introduce a number of new characters. And, it is likely that some of these characters will sizzle-up the final ten episodes as potential love interests of the old characters.

Talking about Arlene's new love interest, Michael Ausiello of TV Line has said that the recurring character, Keith, will be attracted to "a certain grieving waitress." He describes Keith as a "romantic vampire who moonlights as a drummer in James' band."

In the final season, Lafayette Reynolds is likely to be in a serious relationship. According to spoilers, Drake, a 20 something, will be introduced. This character has been described as a "cross between James Dean and Jim Morrison." Plus, he has a "poetic edge" and will be shown as a "compassionate protector." The casting sheet suggests that nude sex scenes will be shot between Lafayette and Drake.

In episode 2 of the Final Season, a French woman will be introduced as a potential love interest for Eric. The leaked cheat sheet has revealed that this beautiful, young woman, called Sylvie, will be in her 20s. It is not confirmed whether this character will appear in more than one episode. However, viewers of "True Blood" can expect some steamy moments between Eric and Sylvia.   

Stephen Moyer has donned the hat for the premiere episode of "True Blood" Season 7. This episode is titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here." The final season, expected to premiere sometime in June, will return to the original theme of human-vampire relationship. In an interview to Global Dispatch Radio, Amelia Rose Blaire said that everything will come together in the final season.

The recent photo of Alexander Skarsgard and Dolores DeLuce alludes to shooting of episode 2. According to reports, Dolores is playing a small role in episode 2. She will appear in the episode as an innkeeper. 

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