‘True Blood’ Season 7 Spoilers: Demise of Favourites, Recurring Character Gets Promoted

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The cast and crew of "True Blood" are still filming Season 7. There has been a steady leak of spoilers to keep the fans in the loop about the final season, speculated to premiere sometime in summer, 2014. The latest news is that some of the popular characters will die in the final season, while Tara Buck has been promoted to series regular.

Deadline.com reports that Tara Buck, who plays blood-serving barmaid, Ginger, has finally got her promotion in Season 7. Ginger first made her appearance in the second half of Season 1, and since then has been a recurring character.    

It looks like the season will be full of heart-breaking moments, as a lot of favourite characters will not last the season. Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse, indicated to Access Hollywood that the final season will be full of surprising deaths.

The actor said, "We're leaving nothing to chance in this particular season [Final Season]. People are going to be dying. Some of your favourites are going to be not lasting the season, unfortunately."

In addition to promotion of recurring characters, the final season will see the entry of new characters, as well. The casting sheet of the premiere episode, titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here," revealed that a number of new characters will be introduced.

Sylvie, a potential love-interest of Eric, will be introduced in episode 2 of "True Blood" Season 7. Meanwhile, Riley Smith has been roped in to play the character of Keith, the new love interest of Arlene. Also, a character named Drake will be introduced to play the lover of Lafayette Reynolds.

Stephen Moyer has donned the director's hat for the first episode of the final season. In this episode, his character Bill will be seen with his wife and daughter in the flashbacks. Also, Tara and Sookie will be seen as ten-years-old.  

The final season, consisting of ten episodes, is going back to its original theme of human-vampire relationship. Brian Buckner, the show-runner of "True Blood," had said in an interview to TV Line:  "The show started out as, 'Let's see if vampires and humans can get along'. We're returning to that original promise of the show."

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