True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Bill’s Shocking Discovery in Episode 5, Lost Cause

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Hep-V virus continues to stir-up things in the final season of "True Blood." Eric is now showing signs of stage 2 infection, while at the end of the episode Bill finds out, to his shock, that he, too, is a carrier of the deadly virus.

In episode 5 of "True Blood" Season 7, "Lost Cause," Willa is ready to give information about Sarah Newlin to Eric in exchange for being set free. She does not want to go with Eric and Pam to hunt Sarah. Also, she accuses Eric of disappearing from her life and not being there for her. Eric sets her free from being his progeny and Willa tells him about Sarah's vampire sister, Amber Mills, and where he can possibly find her. Eric and Pam head to Dallas to meet Amber.

Amber has also contracted the virus. Eric and Pam discover that Amber, too, holds a lot of grudges against Sarah and would like her dead. Amber reveals to them that her parents are attending a Republican gala event and there is the possibility of Sarah popping-up there to seek their help. Eric and Pam get dressed-up to attend the event and to track down Sarah.   

Back at Bon Temps, Sookie enters her house and the loss of Alcide hits her once gain. She finds the house empty, without Alcide. Lafayette and James are there for her. The next day, she finds Alcide's father at the house and also lots of food, enough to feed the whole town, on the table. Lafayette is throwing a party at Sookie's house to celebrate a life.

This is what happens at the party:

Sookie gives her grandma's ring, which Jason was supposed to get, to Andy. And, Andy goes down on his knee and proposes to Holly. The answer is a big yes.

Outside, Jessica catches James and Lafayette making out in her car. She is hurt and furious, and shuts the door of Sookie's house on James. Jason is there for her while she sheds some tears and tells him what she saw. Jason cannot believe that she never ever thought that James can be gay.  

Lafayette tells Jessica that he too deserves love like everyone else in the town. He points out that she does not know anything about James and how he became a vampire.

The talk between Jason and Jessica lead to the latter kissing Jason, which follows-up with a hot making-out time. Violet listens to the sound of Jason and Jessica making out, and naturally is not pleased to hear that.

Keith attends the party and tells Arlene that she is the most beautiful woman he has seen in his 300 years of life.

Tara's mother stabs Willa because of the visions she is getting of Tara. Nicole calls out the people present at the party weird for celebrating so soon after the deaths of so many people and their horrible abduction experience.   

Sookie thanks Bill for seeing her the way even she can't see herself sometimes.

Also, the episode "Lost Cause" features a couple of flashbacks of Bill and his family. Just before he finds the swollen, black, infected veins on his chest, he remembers telling his wife that he would return to her and the kids and that he loves her.

At the gala event, Yakuza men crash the party and shoot everyone, including Sarah's parents. Eric gets hold of Sarah before Yazuka men can kill her. Eric stops them from shooting Sarah. He kills them and squeezes the face of one of the men and plucks-out his jaw. 

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