‘True Blood’ Season 7 Spoilers: Bill’s Human Flashback, Some Favourite Characters will Die

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As reported previously, the premiere episode of "True Blood" Season will have multiple-flashbacks, including that of Bill, his wife and daughter. There is now more information on the flashback scenes that will feature Bill and his family. The time period of Bill's flashback is 1862 when he was still a human.

According to E! Online Spoiler, fans of Bill and "True Blood" will get to see "Bill as a human when the HBO vampy drama goes back to 1862." The flashback scenes are likely to feature Bill's "clash with some others over his thoughts on the war." Three years later, in 1865, Bill was turned into a vampire.

In addition to Bill and his family, the first episode will also feature flashbacks of Sookie and Tara as ten-years-old. The leaked casting sheet suggests that the two little girls will be shown having some good time, together.

Recently, Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse, indicated in an interview given to Access Hollywood that some of the fans' favourites are unlikely to survive the final season. He said: "People are going to be dying. Some of your favourites are going to be not lasting the season, unfortunately."

Meanwhile, it is almost confirmed that Eric is not dead. It is expected that a steamy affair is waiting for him in episode 2 of the final season. In the episode, a young, beautiful French woman, Sylvie, will be introduced as Eric's potential love interest.

The final season will also see the return of Sarah Newline, with her family. TVLine had reported that Sarah's socialite parents and sister will be introduced in the final season. The report describes the sister as "angry, bitter, gothed-out." Parents will be there just for an episode, while Sarah's sister, Amber," will be part of multiple-episode story-arc.  

HBO has yet to announce the premiere date of "True Blood" Season 7. It is however speculated that it may premiere sometime in summer this year. Directed by Stephen Moyer, the premiere episode is titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here."

"True Blood" Season 7 consists of ten episodes.

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