True Blood Season 7 to Introduce a New Sexy Vampire, Watch Out for His and Arlene Steamy Scene Atop Pool Table [Spoilers]

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The final season of HBO's "True Blood" opened with a bloodbath. The attack by Hep-V infected vampires resulted in the death of many, including Tara. According to reports, a new vampire will arrive in Bon Temps, as the war rages on between humans-vampires and rogue vampires.  He will be shown fighting as well as wooing a Bon Temp's woman.     

This new vampire will not only show his brawn power but his tender side, as well. TV Guide reports that this chiselled new vamp will set "his eyes on one lucky Bon Temps lady, he'll prove to be just as good a lover as he is a fighter."

The report is indicating about the introduction of Riley Smith as Keith. The character has a major recurring role in the final season and will be seen wooing Arlene. had reported that Keith is "a sexy, rock 'n' roll vampire with a romantic side."

Deadline had reported that Keith will be attracted to Arlene at the first sight. However, Arlene will take some time before falling for Keith's charm.  Once she comes out of her dilemma and shuns her reluctance, Arlene and Keith are expected to end up having sex atop a pool table. Keith will be seen nude.

Riley Smith had said to TV Line that his character is sexually attracted to Arlene and then he falls in love with her.  Speaking about Arlene's response, Smith had revealed Arlene's dialogue, which she will be seen telling Keith, "I'm not a fang-banger. I'm not going to go there."

The actor had said that his character has to "woo her into it." "I had to get nude," Smith had said, adding, "It was a 16-hour day for one sex scene on a pool table, but by hour three, Carrie [Arlene] and I were so comfortable and normal with it."

In the first episode of "True Blood" Season 7, Arlene, Nicole and Holly were held as hostages by the rogue vampires. The synopsis of episode 2, which is titled "I Found You," reveals that the trio will be looking at a familiar face as a possible liberator. 

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