‘True Blood’ Season 7 [Final Season]: Rogue H-Vamps Attack Bon Temps in Premiere Episode, Second Episode Title Revealed

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HBO's popular vampire drama series "True Blood" will be returning in June for Season 7, the final season. The premiere episode, titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here," looks like is set to begin where it left off in Season 6 finale.

In the Season 6 final episode, titled "Radioactive," a group of Hep V vamps walk towards the town social and soon more and more vamps were seen joining them. According to the one-line synopsis of the premiere episode of Final Season, "a band of rogue H-vamps attacks Bon Temps."

It looks like Eric's fate will not be revealed in the first episode of the final season. Eric was last seen in the final episode of Season 6 when he burst into flames. At the time, he was reading a book atop a snow-clad mountain and under the open, sun-lit sky and was in his birthday suit.

Meanwhile, the premiere episode will feature multiple flashbacks, including that of Tara and Sookie and Bill and his wife and daughter. Tara and Sookie will be seen as 10 years old, while Bill will be seen as a human in the year 1862, three years before he became a vampire. Many new characters will be introduced in the premiere episode.   

Spoiler TV has revealed that the second episode of "True Blood" Season 7 is called, "I Found You." According to the synopsis of the episode, Pam continues to search for Eric, while Sookie and Jason visit an abandoned town in search of clues. It is very much expected that Pam will find Eric, as the casting sheet has suggested that a steamy affair is waiting for him in episode 2 of the final season.

As previously reported, in the second episode, a young, beautiful French woman, Sylvie, will be introduced as Eric's potential love interest. It is not confirmed who is playing the role and if this character will appear in more episodes of the final season.

 "True Blood" Season 7 is scheduled to premiere on June 22, 2014. 

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