‘True Blood’ Season 7 [Final Season] ‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’: Top Spoilers of Premiere Episode

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HBO's popular vampire drama series "True Blood" is set to return for its swansong-season on Sunday in the U.S. and on June 23 in Australia. The premiere episode, which is titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here," is a bloody episode and media reports are indicating that there is a death in the first few moments of the episode.

The final episode of Season 6 wrapped with Hep-V infected vampires marching like zombies towards Bon Temps. The first episode of the final season is set to open with the attack of this rogue band of vampires on Bon Temps, which will result in mayhem and bloodbath.

In its premiere episode spoiler report, Buddy TV reveals that the Hep-V infected virus will be shown attacking the social celebration party and turning the party place into a bloody death zone. Without revealing the character's name, the report says that one of the familiar faces is going to die in the beginning of the episode and the death of this character is going to affect many. As previously reported, a number of favourite characters are not going to survive the final season.

Eric Northman will not appear in the premiere episode of "True Blood" Season finale. The episode will not reveal whether he is alive or dead. He was last seen in the Season 6 finale when he burst into flames atop a show clad mountain. He is expected to appear in Episode 2, "I Found You."  

According to Buddy TV, Sookie will be seen taking a stand. "Her actions in the premiere set up for a changed and outstanding Sookie," Buddy TV reports.

The spoiler report also states that the bloodbath does not mean the premiere episode is devoid of steamy scenes. Buddy TV reveals that there is a sex scene in "Jesus Gonna Be Here."

Meanwhile Entertainment Weekly has released a sneak peek of the premiere. The sneak peek features Sookie and Bill. The two are going somewhere in a car. At the end of this clip, Sookie can be seen sucking Bill's blood.  

This is the conversation that place in the sneak peek video [CHECK the VIDEO Here]:

Bill: "If we're going to go through with this plan, then you're going to have to take my blood. Or I won't be able to help you."

Sookie: "I've a boyfriend." She says that after sucking a mouthful of Bill's blood.   

Stephen Moyer has directed the premiere episode.  

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