True Blood Season 7 [Final Season] Episode 2 Spoilers/Preview: Eric Set to Appear in I Found You [VIDEO]

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Eric Northman, who burst into blames atop a snow clad mountain, did not make an appearance in the premiere episode of "True Blood" Season 7, the final season. Pam was there in the episode, though. She was trying to find information about her maker Eric. She got a map from a person in Marrakesh, Morocco and it took her a moment to digest that Eric could be there. It looks like Pam is set to find Eric in episode 2, which is titled "I Found You."

As previously reported, Eric will be appearing in Episode 2 of "True Blood" Season 2. The casting sheet leaked online had revealed that he would be seen with a beautiful, young French woman. Also, there are reports that Eric will be seen with Jason in a crazy dream scene.  According to an Entertainment Weekly's report, Jason will be dreaming about Eric and him. It is reportedly going to be sex scene. The synopsis of the episode reveals "Pam's search for her maker leads her to a very familiar place."

In the premiere episode, the rogue vampires took Arlene, Holly and Nicole with them after the bloody attack on Bellefleur's Bar and Grill. According to the synopsis of Episode 2, these three hostages will be seen looking at a familiar face as a "possible liberator" from the H-vamps.

At the end of Episode 1, Sookie was asking the residents of Bon Temps to give her one chance to help the town, as she is the one who knows the vampires best. The preview of the episode reveals that Sookie and Jason will be visiting the neighbouring town of Saint Alice. At the town, "a young woman's diary offers clues to the potential fate of Bon Temps."

Meanwhile, Vince and his group of vigilantes would continue to create problems, as Vince will be seen whipping his "fellow vigilantes into a dangerous frenzy," according to the synopsis of the episode.

The premiere episode, "Jesus Gonna Be Here," did not feature interaction between Sookie and Bill. The preview clip of Episode 2 indicates that there will be plenty of Sookie and Bill in "I Found You."

Kate Barnow has written "I Found You," which is directed by Howard Deutch. 

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