‘True Blood’ Season 7 Filming Location; Personal, Protective Vampire for Each Human in Final Season

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"True Blood" cast and crew were recently filming around Main St and 8th in Santa Paula, according to On Location Vacations. "True Blood" began filming the final season on Jan 6, 2014. Stephen Moyer has donned the director's hat for the premiere episode, which has been titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here."

As previously reported, the premiere episode will introduce a good number of new characters. Also, the first episode of the last season will feature multiple flashbacks. Sookie and Tara will be seen as 10-years-old. Also, in one of the flashbacks, Bill's wife and daughter will be making an appearance.

Talking about what to expect in the final season of "True Blood," Moyer had said to E! Online that Bill and Sam will come up with an idea that a vampire should protect a human. This theme is expected to be explored throughout the final season.  

"Bill and Sam got together and kind of came up with this idea that each human should have their own vampire protecting them, so that's another theme that we will follow throughout the season," Moyer had said. The final season of "True Blood" is set to return to the original theme of human-vampire relationship. Moyer's revelation about the upcoming season confirms that.  

In the same interview, Anna Paquin had alluded to a "little battle" at that bar that would be sorted out, pretty quickly.

Media reports have confirmed that Eric will be very much alive in the final season. He will meet a potential love interest in episode 2 of "True Blood" Season 7. She is a beautiful French woman in her 20s and is called Sylvia. It is not confirmed whether Sylvia will appear in more episodes or her role is limited to just one episode.

Eric is not the only who will be lucky to meet a love interest. TV Line had reported that Lafayette will be in a serious relationship, with a new boyfriend called Drake. This character has a series regular role.  

 "True Blood" is speculated to return on HBO in summer 2015 with ten episodes.     

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