‘True Blood’ Season 7: Eric’s Fate Revealed, Green Gets a Prominent Role in Final Season

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Eric Northman was last seen in Season 6 finale when he burst into flames atop a snow-clad mountain in Sweden. There is much speculation about whether he is alive or dead. Brian Buckner, executive producer of "True Blood," had confirmed that Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric, has signed on as a series regular for the final season but he did not reveal whether Eric survived, or not. The casting sheet of episode two leaked about a potential love interest for Eric. And, the latest buzz is that there is a crazy dream scene between Jason and Eric in episode two.  

"The actor Alex Skarsgard and the character of Eric Northman will be back on the show next year. He'll be a series regular," Buckner had said to TV Guide. "How we use him is going to be up to us, but we want people to rest assured that he will be back in their living rooms next year or wherever they watch."

According to the casting sheet of "True Blood" Season 7 Episode 2, which is titled "I Found You," a beautiful French woman in her 20s will be introduced as a potential love interest to Eric. She is called Sylvie and her role "requires full frontal nudity excluding genitalia."

The latest review from Entertainment Weekly confirms that Eric is back for final season. It is in Jason's dream that he first appears. The viewers can see him allowing Jason to unbuckle his belt. This review also hints at a "clever twist involving Eric that could set up an exciting arc for Sookie." Also, the review says, without revealing whether Eric dead or alive, Eric "will definitely spark some suspense this season."

"Even if Sookie ends up with Bill (Stephen Moyer), there's enough of Sweden's favorite sunbather to satisfy. A human for every vampire?" according to EW.     

Meanwhile, Tara Buck, who plays Ginger in the show, will play a prominent role in the final ten episodes. After six seasons of appearing as a recurring character, the actress has got a promotion and will be appearing as a series regular in the seventh season.

"When True Blood came along, I said I know this girl. I came in for a guest star on one episode and felt I knew Ginger's whole history, her back-story, who her parents must have been. All these quirks about her," Buck said to Huffington Post.

And, for the upcoming, final season, the actress said that she arrived on set and got her first script and realised "they had created a full story, similar and completely different in some ways. There are some wonderful surprises and a lot of humour. It's off the hook funny."

The final season of "True Blood" will premiere on June 22 on HBO. In Australia, it is scheduled to premiere on June 23 on Showcase.  

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