True Blood Season 7 Episode 6 Spoilers: Bill, Sookie Deal with Rapidly Spreading Web of Death in Karma [VIDEO]

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The episode 5 of "True Blood" final season ended on a shocking note. Bill discovered that he, too, has contracted the killer Hep-V virus.  He, for the first time, noticed the swollen, black veins on his chest. The preview of Episode 6, which is titled "Karma," suggests that his veins are turning black, rapidly. Along with Bill, Sookie will also be seen dealing with this shocking discovery in the new episode.

According to the synopsis of the episode, this shocking discovery will "force Sookie to reassess her recent involvement with Bill." In an earlier episode, Sookie was seen sucking Bill's wrist, drinking his blood. There is a possibility that she, too, may have contracted the killer virus. Also, the news about Bill being Hep-V positive is likely to emotionally drain Sookie. She is still coming to terms with the sudden death of Alcide.

Meanwhile, the synopsis of "Karma" suggests that Eric and Pam are still in Dallas. They are set to forge an "unlikely alliance" to hunt a common enemy.  Sarah Newlin is a common enemy of them and Yazuka, though Eric and Pam are not on friendly terms with Yazuka, as well. The preview clip provides a glimpse of Eric and Pam being held hostage by Yazuka men, while Amber Mills is all set to give her sister Sarah the vampire fang treatment.

After a steamy, hot sex with Jessica, Jason seems to have made-up his mind to break-up with Violet. But, the preview of "Karma" suggests that Violet has some other plans and won't be letting go Jason, easily.

In "Lost Cause," Andy got down on his knee and proposed to Holly, holding the ring of Sookie's grandma. According to the synopsis of the next episode, these two will start bickering because of their kids, Adilyn and Wade. After Holly accepted Andy's marriage proposal, Jason told the two kids to stop fu****ng now. It looks like they did not listen to Jason's friendly advice.     

 Official Synopsis of "True Blood" Season 7 [Final Season] Episode 6 "Karma":

"A shocking discovery forces Sookie to reassess her recent involvement with Bill. In Dallas, Eric and Pam forge an unlikely alliance in their hunt for a shared nemesis. Andy bickers with Holly about their children's behaviour; Lafayette shares a vision with Lettie Mae; Jason owns up to his true feelings about Violet; Sam finds himself in a quandary regarding Nicole."

Angela Robinson has written the episode, which is directed by Angela Robinson.


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