True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 Spoilers: Eric, Pam Set Out to Kill Sarah Newlin in Lost Cause [VIDEO]

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The episode 4 of "True Blood" final season saw the decimation of the Hep-V infected rogue vampires by Bill, Eric, Jessica and the few remaining good vampires. Also, Vince and some members of his vigilante group met their deaths, too. The Episode 5, which is titled "Lost Cause," will see the return of Sarah Newlin and Eric and Pam will be setting out to deal with her.

In the preview clip, Eric can be seen telling Willa that Pam and he are going to kill Sarah. According to the synopsis of "Lost Cause," "in search of an elusive adversary, Eric and Pam head to Dallas and attend a gala fundraiser." The preview suggests that Willa does not want to go with Eric to hunt down Sarah and she wants to be released.       

Anna Camp, who plays Sarah, revealed to E! Online, that her character is on the run. "She's got Pam and Eric hunting her basically and the Yakuza...this season is all about survival. We're going to see what it's really like when she's pushed to the end of her rope," the actress said to E! Online.

And, the preview clip also shows that Eric is fast losing the battle against Hep-V virus. His body is covered with the infected veins and he can be seen telling Pam that he is going to die.  

Meanwhile in the upcoming, "Sookie will find herself being the unwilling host of a festive mainstreaming party in Bon Temps," according to the synopsis. The preview indicates that there will be trouble at the party, as some are expected to object to holding the party after so many people are dead.        

The synopsis also reveals about Jessica and James reaching a crossroads. This may have something to do with the growing closeness between James and Lafayette. The preview clip provides a glimpse of Jessica refusing to listen to James. She can be seen closing the door on him, saying "there is nothing to say." She may perphaps have seen James and Lafayette getting intimate. 

In addition, the synopsis of the episode says that "Bill loses himself in remembrance of human days," while "Andy makes a life-changing decision."

Keith, the much awaited vampire of the final season, was introduced at the end of episode 4. He saved Arlene's life by giving his blood. The new episode may kick-start the much reported hot romance between Arlene and Keith. As previously reported, there is a steamy sex scene featuring a pool table and these two on it.

Last week, "True Blood" bagged two Primetime Emmy nominations in the art direction and stunt coordination categories. 


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