‘True Blood’ Season 7: Almost Naked Eric Poses for Camera at South-Pole

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Post-"True Blood" Season 6 Finale, this is the second time Alexander Skarsgård almost nude photo has surfaced online. However, unlike the completely nude photo released previously, this time the actor is wearing tiny shorts. The actor can be seen flaunting his chiselled torso. It is a group photo, and not a solo photo of "True Blood" actor.

Skarsgard's team-mate, Inge Solheim, has posted the photo on Instagram, saying "a bearded US team being silly at southpole2013."

E! Online reports that the recently released photo was taken in the second week of December, 2013. According to the report, Skarsgard "strips down to celebrate his team's journey across Antarctica for Walking With the Wounded." In the photo, the actor can be seen sporting a fake yellow beard, as well.

In the previous photo posted on Instagram, the actor was sitting atop a toilet seat, reading a book. He was completely naked. Solheim had posted this photo, too, saying "#southpole -30C What are you reading Alex? The script for season 7 of #truebloodHBO ? :-)"

It is almost confirmed that Eric is not dead and will return in the final season of "True Blood."  The fire had consumed Eric while he was reading a book, sitting atop a snow-clad mountain, under the open, sunlit sky. He was completely nude at the time. Eric will not only return, but will also be introduced to a beautiful French woman, Sylvie, as a potential love interest. The fans of Eric and "True Blood" can expect some steamy scenes between Eric and Sylvie. 

HBO hugely popular "True Blood" returns for final season sometime in summer. The Season 7 is currently in production stage. The cast and crew of "True Blood" began filming the final season in January. Stephen Moyer has directed the first episode, titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here." The first episode will feature multiple-flashbacks and introduction of multiple-new-characters.

Recently, it was reported that Skarsgård has been cast opposite Australian beauty, Margot Robbie, in a new 3D Tarzan film.  This movie, touted as the "time-less tale," is scheduled to release in summer, 2016. 

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