True Blood Season 6 Full Trailer Unveiled (Spoiler Alert)


Just a little over a month before the sixth season of “True Blood” airs, the supernatural drama series has unveiled its full trailer online. The HBO programme posted the 1 ½-minute clip of the highly anticipated series.

Promising that “no one lives forever” in the clip, the upcoming season sees human finally taking up arms against the vampires. Humans were never considered a serious threat before, but it looks like that they have become more aggressive this season.

In the cliff-hanger ending of the fifth season last year, Bill (played by Stephen Moyer) drank the blood of Lilith in front of Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), and faced “true death.” He then rose to become a more powerful vampire than before.

But Bill doesn’t look like he’s very powerful in the trailer. He even looks a little battered with dried blood that had poured from his eyes. Sookie can be seen giving him comfort, though.

Speaking of Sookie, it appears that she is trying to work on her fairy powers with the help of newcomer Ben (Rob Kazinsky), another fairy slated to be her romantic interest this season.

Joe Manganiello, who plays full-blooded werewolf Alcide Herveaux, previously told TVLine in an interview that “We’re going to the point in the season now where people are starting to die,” even hinting that there is a possibility that Eric will be killed off, as the rumours claimed.

“True Blood” will have a shortened season, with only 10 episodes instead of the usual 12. It will premiere in the U.S. on June 16 on HBO.

It will air in Australia on Showcase on June 17.

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