True Blood Recap Episode 1 Season 7 [Final Season] Sookie Blamed in Jesus Gonna Be Here

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The first episode, "Jesus Gonna Be Here," of "True Blood" final season opens with a bloodbath.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The Hep-V infected vampires attack Bellefleur's Bar and Grill. Once the bloody attack is over, Sookie and the rest find out that Tara is dead, too, along with many more. Also, the rogue band of vampires has taken away Arlene, Holly and Nicole with them.

Sookie can hear voices blaming her for the attack. She takes off all alone when she hears Alcide's thoughts. He is also blaming her for the massacre. She does not pick Alcide's call when he tries to call her and throws the phone away in the woods. She stumbles upon a dead body and falls, but soon gets-up and walks away. Afterward, Alcide finds her at the kitchen table and Sookie tells him that like everyone else, he is also blaming her. Alcide tells her that he loves her. Later, the two have make-up sex.

Meanwhile, Pam is in Marrakesh, Morocco trying to find information about her maker, Eric. After surviving a game of Russian roulette, which kills her opponent, she gets the information about the person who could tell her about Eric. Pam visits the person and he offers her his daughter's blood, which she refuses. He gives her a map, which features Rhone, and she finds it hard to believe that Eric will be found in that location.

Back at Bon Temps, Jason and Violet arrive at a building to find that some people are already there. It is Vince and his team of vigilantes. They are hostile and do not trust Andy and Jason. When Jason fails to make them leave, it is Violet's warning that forces them to disperse. Jason is not happy about Violet taking the lead. He is also angry that Violet is not letting him f*** her. These two end-up having sex on the hood of Jason's car.

Bill is with Andy. They are searching for the ones who have been taken hostage by the rogue vampires. Before leaving his home after learning about Arlene and Holly's abduction, Andy asked his daughter Adilyn not to open the door for Jessica. She is there to offer her protection. Andy breaks the news to her that Tara is dead. Jessica is devastated to know that.

At a warehouse, Andy and Bill find dead humans hanging upside-down. Andy vomits seeing the condition of the dead bodies. Soon, Vince and his little vigilante group arrive to take down Andy and Bill. Bill asks them to spare Andy, as he is giving himself up. Andy tells the group that he has a score to settle with Bill and asks Vince to give his gun. Andy, however, does not shoot Bill but points Vince's gun at a young man, who is part of Vince's group, and threatens him.

Andy later drops Bill at his home. He tells Bill that what he did at the warehouse does not mean, he has forgotten what he did to his family. Andy tells Bill that he needs him to save Arlene and Holly, and that they are still not good. Once Andy leaves, Bill stands in front of his house and sees a vision of his family, wife and two kids.

Holly, Arlene, Nicole and a policeman are held hostage in a basement. A rogue vampire arrives, with the intention to devour one of them. He smells Arlene but does not pick her. He drags the policeman up the stairs and devours him in front of the three screaming ladies.

 Lafayette goes home him with the new face James. James talks about how he became a vampire during the Vietnam War days. He tell him about how his best friend died in the war and when he went to his house to offer his condolences, the friend's father attacked him with his best friend's baseball bat in the middle of the road. It is the night when he became a vampire. He would have died if the vampires had not saved him. Lafayette allows him to suck blood from his wrist.

At Andy's place, Jessica and Adilyn bond over the talk of boyfriends. Later a rogue vampire arrives and sees Adilyn. Jessica tells her to close the window and be inside. Afterward, Adilyn allows Jessica to drink her blood so that she could protect her. She stands in front of the infected vampire like a shield protecting Adilyn. When it is almost time for the dawn, Adilyn opens the door for Jessica to come in. The latter enters and closes the door before the rogue vampire could get inside. Jessica stops herself from sucking Adilyn's blood and moves upstairs. Outside, as the day approaches, the rogue vampire bursts into blames.

At the church, Sookie and Alcide arrive. Sookie puts her hand on Lettie Mae's shoulder. Tara's mother asks Sookie to remove her hand and blames her for whatever is happening in Bon Temps. She tells Sookie that she is not welcome in the house of worship. Sookie hears the voices of everyone sitting in the Church. All are accusing her for the darkness that has descended on Bon Temps. Sookie has had enough of hearing voices and she speaks-up. She tells them that she can hear everyone blaming her and she does not feel that they are wrong. Sookie asks them to give her a chance to help the town, as she is the one who knows the vampires best.

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