‘True Blood’ Final Season Spoilers: Introduction of Two Love Interests, Exploring Human-Vampire Relationship

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When "True Blood" returns sometime in summer 2014, it will be a wrap for one of the popular HBO drama series. The filming of the final season is scheduled to begin in January, with Stephen Moyer donning the director's hat for the premiere episode. According to the leaked casting sheet, the premiere episode of "True Blood" Season 7 is called "Jesus Gonna Be Here." 

The latest buzz is that Lafayette Reynolds will be in a serious relationship. TV Line reports that Lafayette is getting a vampire boyfriend, a "serious" one this time. Also, according to TV Line, the character of Lafayette will be back at the centre of action, "with a little help from Drake (the new bf of Lafayette)."

Drake has been described as a vampire who is a "cross between Jim Morrison and James Dean." TV Line says that this "brooding and insanely good-looking vamp is a compassionate protector with a poet's edge."

It looks like Drake will have a significant arc in the upcoming, final season, as he has been signed-up as a series-regular. Also, the report says that role calls for a twenty-something actor. He must be comfortable in performing "simulated (and near-naked) sex scenes with another man" in front of the director, assistant director and more than a dozen crew members.

As reported earlier, a beautiful French woman will be introduced in episode 2 of "True Blood" as Eric's love interest. Unlike Drake's role that is of a series regular, it is not yet confirmed whether Sylvia's role will extend beyond the second episode. The casting sheet says that Sylvia's "role requires full frontal nudity excluding genitalia."

"True Blood" final season might explore a vampire-human relationship. "Bill and Sam got together and kind of came up with this idea that each human should have their own vampire protecting them, so that's another theme that we will follow throughout the season," said Moyer as quoted by E! Online.

"Jesus Gonna Be Here" is likely to have a lot of flashback scenes, including that of young Sookie and Tara and also of Bill, his wife and daughter.   

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