‘True Blood’ Final Episode Thank You Spoilers: Death, Wedding, New Blood And Happy Thanksgiving

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True Blood stars Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Cast member Stephen Moyer and his wife, and co-star, Anna Paquin pose at the premiere of the seventh and final season of the HBO television series "True Blood" in Hollywood, California June 17, 2014. The series debuts on June 22. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

"True Blood" wrapped-up Sunday night, with a twist that no one saw coming.  Vampire Bill Compton did not survive the final episode of "True Blood" final season. Here are the top spoilers of the final episode:

"Thank You" opens with Bill and Sookie's conversation. He tells Sookie that he feels more human than he has ever felt before. He explains to her the concept of life and the joy of having children. He wants her to use her light on him -- to kill him.    

Jessica accepts Bill's decision. She and Hoyt get married so that Bill could see her wedding -- he misses seeing his daughter's wedding. He walks Jessica down the aisle, and Andy pronounces them husband and wife. Jason is Hoyt's best man. At the wedding ceremony, Sookie is able to read Bill's thoughts for the first time. She hears his thoughts about being in intense pain and trying to look happy, his love for her and wanting her to get married someday.

After Bill's death, Andy would get the control of Bill's estate. Bill wants Andy to rent the house to Jessica and Hoyt at a token rate. He requests him to walk away if they are unable to pay that. Andy agrees to do that.

Mr Gus and Yakuza men do not last long in the episode. Eric finally decides to kill Mr Gus. Eric first makes Sarah drink Pam's blood and then asks her to escape through the tunnel. When Mr Gus tries escaping from the same tunnel, Eric uses a can of gas to set the tunnel on fire, which consumes Mr Gus. Before Yakuza men could knock at Sookie's door, Eric finishes them off, as well. Sookie remains clueless and she and Eric never meet in the episode. Sarah wants Pam to make her the vampire and make her the woman behind her. But, Pam has better plans. She sucks Sarah's blood.

Sookie gives-in and makes the preparation to kill Bill at the cemetery. She, however, does not use her fairy light, as that is her identity and she would like to keep it that way. As Bill still wants to die, Sookie breaks off a stake from a shovel. She jumps in Bill's coffin, with it. She helps Bill drive the stake into his heart. Soon, Sookie is sitting in a puddle of blood and she breaks-down. Covered in Bill's blood, she walks away from the cemetery.      

A year after Bill's death, Eric and Pam are recording an infomercial for their product, New Blood. Three years later, they are ringing the opening bell of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

At the end of the episode, everyone arrives for the thanksgiving at Sookie's place. She is pregnant and viewers never get to see her man's face. Jason and Bridget are parents of three kids. Sam and Nicole arrive, as well, with their two kids. Everyone gets their happy ending, including Arlene and Keith, Lafayette and James.  If we see death as a miracle, Bill, too, got his happy ending.     

And, Sarah is stuck in the basement of Fangtasia, forever. 

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