‘True Blood’ Final Episode Leaves Fans Fuming

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True Blood stars Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Cast member Stephen Moyer and his wife, and co-star, Anna Paquin pose at the premiere of the seventh and final season of the HBO television series "True Blood" in Hollywood, California June 17, 2014. The series debuts on June 22. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

It is the finale that fans of HBO's popular vampire drama series "True Blood" did not expect, and a majority of them are not saying "Thank You." They are busy expressing their dislike for the episode on Twitter.

[Spoliers: If you have yet to watch the final episode, please do not read further] 

Sookie helped Bill drive a wooden stake in his heart and he became a puddle of blood. Sookie and Eric did not meet in the final episode. After killing Mr Gus and his men, Eric was busy promoting New Blood with Pam. In the final moments of the episode, Sookie was shown pregnant and the man in her life remained a mystery.

Bill wanted Sookie to get married, have kids and lead a normal, happy life. He wanted her to enjoy the best parts of life, including the joys of motherhood. And, with a vampire by her side, Sookie would not be able to do all that. However, he got vampire Jessica and Hoyt married -- the fans are asking if these two can get married then why not Bill and Sookie. Everyone got a happy ending, not Bill and Sookie.

The Twitter world is overflowing with hate for the final episode. A fan said that "True Blood" has ended with a whimper, while another fan was asking for a reimbursement on his HBO subscription. Some of the fans are calling the episode ridiculous, horrible, a major let down and sh---y. Here are some of the fans' reactions to "True Blood" final episode, "Thank You":      





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