True Blood Episode 2 Season 7 Spoilers: A Ghost-town and Eric Found in I Found You [Recap]

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The episode opens with the much anticipated crazy sex scene between Eric and Jason. It is Jason who is daydreaming, sitting in the Church, about the intimate physical closeness between him and Eric. Soon, it is time to tackle the reality outside the Church.

Sookie mentions about the dead woman she stumbled upon in the woods. Sam, Jason, Andy, Alcide and Sookie go looking for the dead woman so that they could find some clues about Arlene, Holly and Nicole, the trio who have been held as hostages by the rogue vampires.  Sam asks the residents of Bon Temps to be of some service and clean-up Bellefleur's during the day time.

The five member team drive to Saint Alice, as the credit card on the dead woman reveals that she is from there. While they are away, Vince and his vigilante team turn the people of Bon Temps, who are cleaning Bellefleur's, against Sam, Andy and Sookie. When they find a freezer full of dead bodies, they convince the people at the bar that Sam, Andy and Sookie cannot be trusted. Vince asks the people to arm themselves and be prepared to fight the vampires.  The people start breaking things at the bar to use as a weapon to stand-up against the vampires.

Adilyn overhears a woman thinking about the weapons at the police station. She leaves with Wade to the police station.  She, Kenya and Wade try to hide the firearms before the angry bunch arrive demanding the weapons. But, Adilyn does not succeed in her mission to hide the firearms from the vigilante team led group. The group convinces Kenya to be on their side by playing the racism card.  Adilyn uses her power to stop Kenya from arresting her but soon she and Wade are over-powered and taken away. Jessica senses that Adilyn is in trouble but is unable to help her.

Meanwhile, Sam, Jason, Andy, Alcide and Sookie discover that Saint Alice has turned into a ghost town. They see an open mass grave and there are signs of destruction and people seeking help. It is a completely abandoned town, with no one in sight. The team step inside the dead woman's house and see pictures of the happy family that once lived there. Sookie finds the diary of the dead woman and reads about how she met a vampire and fell in love with him. Sookie remembers the time when she had dressed-up to visit Fangtasia, with Bill.

When they return to Bon Temps, Andy finds Jessica in the attic. He fears the worst and accuses Jessica of eating-up Adilyn. Jessica has to use her powers to stop Andy from attacking her and convince him that she is there to help and that Adilyn is not safe.

When Alcide is taking a shower, Sookie sneaks out of the house and goes to Bill's house. She asks him if he can still sense her fear if she gets herself into some trouble.

At Fangtasia, the new reaper, Beth, selected by the rogue vampires turns out to be a teacher that Arlene and Holly knows. Arlene convinces the teacher to help them. When the time comes to free the trio and escape, Beth feels the need to feed herself first. She feeds on Arlene's femoral artery and soon disintegrates into a pile of gooey structure.      

Pam finds Eric in Rhone Valley, France. The swollen Hep-V veins are visible on his chest. He tells Pam, "You found me."   

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