True Blood: Bill, Sookie's Sex Scene, Eric, Mr Gus’s New Deal in Season 7, Episode 7 May be the Last Time [Spoilers]

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"May be the Last Time" features the much anticipated Sookie and Bill sex scene. Sookie tries to find a miracle for Bill, but fails to do so. She first calls Dr. Ludvig to save Bill, but the doctor has no cure to offer and she walks out of Bill's house after learning about Sookie's fairy lineage.  Sookie's calls-up her fairy grandfather Niall.    

Through flashbacks, it is revealed how Bill met his human-life wife, Caroline. In 1855, Bill's father tells him that he does not have much time left. He wants his son to marry Caroline to secure the future of his mother, as the two families' lands will become one. Bill is more interested in travelling and wants to find love, but he has to give-in. Bill, however, likes Caroline at first sight.

Niall shows Sookie the birth of Bill and Caroline's child. He tells her that birth, love and death are all miracles. He tells Sookie that he does not have a miracle to cure her vampire friend. She returns to Bill and tells him that she will be there with him till the end. The two kiss and end up having sex.   

In Dallas, Amber does not tell Eric, Pam and Mr Gus and his men her sister's whereabouts. She, however, blurts out that her sister is a new, good person and is the cure. Eric kills Amber, seeing that she has no intention of revealing her sister's location. Pam later questions Eric's move to kill Amber. Eric is more interested in killing Sarah than seeing her as his cure. Mr Gus, however, has a business proposal for Eric. It is not about capturing Sarah and finishing her off, but it is about capturing her and synthesising her blood to introduce a new product called 'New Blood'. Mr Gus wants Eric on his team because his company's reputation has taken a bad hit and vampire Eric as its spokesperson can help them get back its credibility.

Eric at first refuses to help, but then agrees to be a 49 per cent partner in the company. Mr Gus speaks about finding Sarah's location by taking help of the Japanese government, as they are business friendly. With the help of a spy satellite, he and his men zero-in on the exact location of Sarah and wait for Eric and Pam to join them. The two vampires over-sleep, but wake-up right on time to open the door and join Mr Gun and his men to begin their travel to hunt Sarah.

Meanwhile, Sarah, who is on the run, is fighting her demons. She goes to Light of Day Institute and sees vision of Jason, telling her that Eric is going to kill her and she is going to die soon. Eric, Pam, Mr Gus and his men arrive at the location.  

Andy and Holly are unable to find Adilyn and Wade and Andy breaks-down. Holly assures him that there will be a happy ending. Violet has taken Wade and Andy to a house. The two kids are happy to find themselves in an S&M bedroom. Violet, after she wakes-up, shows her true colours, as she ties-up Adilyn using the furry handcuffs. This makes Jessica sense the danger and she wakes-up with a startle and goes to help the fairy.

Arlene dreams about having sex with Keith atop the pool-table. When Keith arrives at her restaurant and comes close to her, she is unable to push him away.  Arlene tells him that they cannot have sex as she is Hep-V positive. Keith understands the situation but does not leave her. The two kiss.     

Hoyt returns to Bon Temps, with his new girlfriend. Jason does not tell him that his mother, Maxine, had turned rogue and was with the bloodthirsty vigilante group. He tells Hoyt that his mother was with the good ones and thus was killed. Hoyt is unable to recognise Jason, and the latter keeps staring at his girl's cleavage.   

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