True Blood: Bill Refuses the Cure in Almost Home [Spoilers]

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"Almost Home," the episode eight of "True Blood" Season 7, cured Eric, killed Violet, wrapped-up Tara's story-line and introduced Bill's decision to accept death, and not get cured.   

Bill was standing right in front of antidote Sarah but refused to drink her blood and get cured. He said, "No. I don't want the blood" -- much to the surprise of Sookie, Jessica, Eric and Pam. The penultimate episode of "True Blood" final season is likely to provide an answer to why Bill prefers to die over a happy ending with Sookie. At the moment, his refusal to get cured can only mean that he does not believe Sookie will be happy with him in the future. He saw a vision of Sookie rocking a baby and when he went near them, he saw that the baby's face was a featureless, round ball of darkness.     

It was Sookie's efforts that led Bill to the cure. Eric visited Sookie to tell her that he is all right and he got to know from her that Bill is sick. At the beginning of the episode, Eric was in a mood to kill Sarah but Pam threatened to kill herself if Eric picked revenge over becoming Hep-V negative. Eric gave-in and took a bite of Sarah and consumed her blood. The result was instant. The black, swollen veins disappeared and that is what Sookie noticed when Eric arrived to give her the good news.       

Sookie wanted to know how he got healed, but Eric told her to wait for a night and flew away, without telling her about antidote Sarah. She did not sit at home, twiddling her thumbs, waiting for Eric's return, as the virus was accelerating at a crazy speed in Bill's body. Mr Gus had no plans to make the cure available in the market, immediately. He also did not plan to package Sarah's synthesised blood as the complete cure. He disclosed to Eric that he wants to make the sick vampires depend on it for their survival, and never become Hep-V negative. Eric cannot disclose to anyone about Sarah.

Sookie arrived at Fangtasia and was presented before Mr Gus. She said that she knew Eric. Eric stopped Mr Gus from killing her and told him that she has been following him ever since he fu***d her once and made some excuse to let Sookie step out, without any harm done to her. Sookie's mind reading capabilities helped her sense that there is something related to the cure in the club's dungeon. Without taking anyone's help, she returned and used her powers to get into the tunnel, leading to the dungeon. She found Sarah there. The latter wanted Sookie to free her, but Sookie had a better idea to find what Sarah is hiding. She used her powers and found out that Sarah is the antidote. Sookie later returned to the dungeon with Bill and Jessica and Pam and Eric joined them. Bill, however, refused to drink Sarah's blood.

Also in the episode, Hoyt shot Violet, ending her chapter, before she could harm Jessica, Jason, Wade or Adilyn. The death of Violet does not mean Jessica and Jason are the new couple in Bon Temps. The two decided to remain friends. There is hope for Jessica and Hoyt, though, as Hoyt does not want kids while his new girlfriend is looking forward to a complete family picture, with kids.

Tara said her final goodbye to her mother, saying that she should have shot her father and not let her mother suffer for so long. The flashback revealed the story about Tara's abusive, alcoholic father and how he created an ugly scene at Tara's birthday party. Little Sookie and Little Lafayette were attending the party. Little Tara took her father's gun and instead of pulling the trigger, she buried it in the backyard. Soon, her father abandoned them.

Also in the episode, Bill revealed to Sookie that Queen Sophie-Anne wanted to breed Sookie.   

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