‘True Blood’: Amelia Rose Blaire Talks about Season 7, Unconfirmed Premiere Date [VIDEO]

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HBO hit series "True Blood" will return for its final season with the premiere episode called "Jesus Gonna Be Here." Recently, some entertainment portals reported that a quick Google Search indicates that "True Blood" Season 7 will premiere on June 15, 2014. HBO, however, has not confirmed the date, or announced any date.

It was reported in August 2013 that Amelia Rose Blaire, who plays Willa Burrell, has been promoted as series regular for the final season. The actress recently talked about the upcoming season in an interview with Gobal Dispatch radio. Blaire said: "At the end of Season 6, Willa didn't really have anyone left," as her father has been killed and Eric and Pam have left. Blaire revealed that "Tara is her [Willa] main anchor ... she is teaching her how to be a vampire." In the final season, everything is kind of coming together, according to Blaire.


The leaked cheat sheets have revealed that the premiere episode of "True Blood" Season 7 will introduce a number of new characters. Also, "Jesus Gonna Be Here" will feature multiple-flashbacks, which will show Sookie and Tara as ten-year-olds.

According to the Cheat Sheet: "[YOUNG TARA] Tara (Rutina Wesley) at age 10, African American, she's seen in flashback having a nice moment with her friend, Young Sookie...CO-STAR

[YOUNG SOOKIE] Sookie (Anna Paquin) at age 10, Caucasian, she's seen in flashback having a nice moment with her friend Tara...CO-STAR"

In one of the flashbacks, Bill's wife and daughter will also make an appearance. In the second episode, a beautiful French woman, called Sylvia, will be introduced as Eric's potential love interest. One can expect to see some hot, steamy scenes between the two. The cast and crew of "True Blood" began filming the final season, which consists of ten episodes, in the first week of January. For the final season, the writing team is going back to the original theme of vampire-man relationship. Angela Robinson has written "Jesus Gonna Be Here."

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