Trendsetter Vanessa Hudgens Admits Collaborating With A Friend To Make New Music, Talks Being A Loner

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Vanessa Hudgens
IN PHOTO: Actress Vanessa Hudgens arrives at the 19th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Viewing Party in West Hollywood, California February 27, 2011. Reuters/Gus Ruelas

Vanessa Hudgens shares it all on her new cover interview for Flaunt magazine's The Distress Issue: Back To School, exciting everyone when she admitted that she's working on new music. The "High School Musical" star shares that her upcoming music would be far from Goth, a style that she has been associated to a lot. Rather, everyone should expect her music to be fun, inspiring and majestic. She also opened up about being a loner in her childhood and embracing herself as she got older.

In her Flaunt magazine interview, Vanessa Hudgens talked about boyfriends and her school life before springing it out that she's working on new music. She shared that she was quite a loner but "High School Musical" changed her life when she made really good friends while filming. Even though it does not look like it now, Vanessa told Flaunt magazine that she was really painfully shy, always  feeling awkward and freaking out when being around a bunch of people.  The sweet girl who can belt out some good notes also shared that she's the type of person who does not need a ton of people n her life so she was contented to have just one best friend while she was young.

Vanessa however shared that her shyness did not stop her from having a boyfriend as early as in sixth grade. The actress however shared that looking at it now, it was a very funny type of relationship.

"Well, my first boyfriend was in sixth grade. At the time, you think it's a big relationship but it's the furthest thing from a relationship you can possibly imagine. And there are certain rules, too. Like you can't let them [your partner] break up with you-you have to break up with them. You can't become the dumpee! You'll become untouchable. I had to break up with my boyfriend before he broke up with me. I had to," she candidly shared.

The young actress also shared that her teens was a learning phase. It was a time meant for finding oneself. However, she shared that learning phase made her who she is today, a young, happy adult. She shared how much she loves being herself, which means she has to stop thinking what others would say of her.   "I love being myself. It's hard to be yourself-you have to get into your core and into some painful places. But freeing yourself from judgment feels so great," shared the budding actress. Yoga helped her a lot.

Vanessa Hudgens however shared one tidbit that made everyone's heart flutter. Asked if she has any big projects on the horizon, she shared that she is working on music and collaborating with her best friend to do it. The actress claimed that no trace of Goth can be found on her new music and it will sound like something people would not be expecting.

This will terribly excite her fans, considering she has many. She would not have won the "Trendsetter Award" at the Young Hollywood Awards if she does not.

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