Trending: Ice Bucket Challenge Replaced By Rubble Bucket Challenge By People Of Gaza

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Smoke and sand are seen following an Israeli air strike in Gaza August 25, 2014.
Smoke and sand are seen following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza August 25, 2014. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Palestinian civilians on Sunday to leave immediately any site where militants are operating, one day after Israel flattened a 13-storey apartment block in Gaza. Palestinian health officials say 2,115 people, most of them civilians and more than 400 of them children, have been killed in the Gaza Strip since July 8, when Israel launched an offensive with the declared aim of ending Palestinian rocket fire into its territory.Sixty-four Israeli soldiers and four civilians in Israel have been killed. Reuters

The internet has been abuzz with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for a long time. From the movie actors to politicians, everyone took the challenge in an attempt to contribute to the fundraising activity. Meanwhile, the world enjoyed looking at their favourite celebs getting drenched in ice and water. Creating a stir on the Internet is now the newest version of the challenge originating from the war-torn Gaza.

People of Gaza have replaced the Ice Bucket Challenge by Rubble Bucket challenge. To perform the stunt, people use the bucket full of dust and debris instead of ice and water. Just the way Ice Bucket Challenge has a motive of raising funds, Rubble Bucket Challenge aims at raising awareness about the situation and living conditions in Gaza.

Some reports claim that the movement has been launched by a Palestinian journalist Ayman al Aloul. While others suggest that it could be introduced by Jordanian comedian Mohammad Darwaza. Independent UK suggests that it remains unclear "whether Aloul and Darwaza both thought of the idea by coincidence, or if one inspired the other."

 The website notes the challenge began trending last week on Friday and the Facebook page dedicated to it has already acquired "thousands of likes. There are several videos of Palestinians attempting the challenge on the social media network.   

 Daily Mail report states that Ayman al Aloul was the first one to post the video of the stunt. In his video, he talks about Rubble Bucket Challenge and what inspired him to make it popular.

The video shows Aloul performing the stunt amid the remains of a destructed street of Gaza.  

"I have to do something and to send a message all over the world about Gaza," Aloul said in the video. He invites everyone who "sympathises with the Palestinians" and their conditions to take part in the challenge.  

He explains how he likes the idea of the Ice Bucket Challenge and how the other important uses of water compelled him to create a new version of the challenge. The Facebook Page states the aim of the challenge and invites everyone to take part. Some of the related trending hashtags on Facebook and Twitter are #rubblebucketchallenge, #remainsbucketchallenge and #dustbucketchallenge.

Meanwhile, it is said ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised U.S. $62.5 million funds. As for the Rubble Bucket Challenge, it is slowly gaining momentum. Telegraph notes that the challenge has been performed by people from Canada and Malaysia as well. 

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