Trending Demonic Indiana House Bought By 'Ghost Adventures' Host

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Who would ever think the reported demonic Indiana house that became viral last week would capture the interest of a buyer? It was possible and had already been bought by "Ghost Adventures" Host Zak Bagans

The Travel Channel show host was not scared from the reports that came out about the family who lived in the haunted house who were all possessed by hundreds of demons. This could probably be the reason he was already used to confronting ghosts for the theme of his show.

The Indianapolis Star reported Bagans paid $35,000 for the alleged haunted one-storey house.

Story Behind the Demonic Indiana House

It all began when Latoya Ammons, the mother, together with her three kids rented it 3 years ago. Since they resided in the place, they witnessed an wide array of creepy phenomena along with one of the children even levitating from her bed. The incidents that occured inside the house were all documented by the authorities reaching a total of 800 pages.

Capt. Charles Austin, one of the police officers of the case, admitted becoming a believer of evil haunting and ghosts after visiting the troubled family.

The "Ghost Adventures" host bought the eerie house to do more investigation on the paranormal activities allegedly inside it. He said in an interview that he did not make the purchase simply to be on the headlines of entertainment news but because of his high sense of passion for such ghost topics, ABC News wrote.

The Blaze wrote an interesting article that listed some of the most chilling scenarios that took place inside the demonic Indiana house as recalled by the kid's grandmother.

One of the most highlighted instances of demonic possession done in one of Latoya's children was when her son walked up a wall and made a flip backwards as seen by witnesses like physicians as it happened inside a hospital ward.

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