Transgender Community Bashes Jared Leto Because of Oscar Win, Fans Fight Back Saying he Deserved It

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Jared Leto
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Jared Leto winning the Oscars for Best Supporting Male Actor for portraying Rayon in the film the "Dallas Buyers Club" was celebrated by many as the race to the golden trophy was tight. However, several people from the transgender community were not in approval of the win or even Leto portraying the role because he was a cisgender.

The view of Fallon Fox in says it all on why she does not want Leto for the role and how winning the said award all the more makes it important for their community. Fox believes that many transgender individuals would have performed as well if not better than "Dallas Buyers Club" star in the said film and many other others have also sided with the author.

Although Fox was not targeting the actor, she was intent in getting the attention of the public on how transgender actors are not given enough breaks even with performing their very own struggles. She has also stated that while she listened to the interview of the director of the "Dallas Buyers Club," director Jean-Marc Vallee, she can't help but feel that Hollywood may still not open to the transgender community.

Several individuals in Twitter have also responded with the same feeling on how Leto was not deserving of his win since many transgender people are suffering.

One of the many people who have sided with the author stated: "There's a trans actress out there somewhere who could've brought the real dignity to Jared Leto's role and she is shaking her damn head right now," from @caulkthewagon.

Then again, those who believe that the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman is deserving of his Oscars have also aired their own opinion on the matter.

In reply to the statement above from @caulkthewagon, @MadRaelin replied: "@caulkthewagon there may be a trans actor out there but JL brought real beauty to Rayon... embrace it!"

Many others have also applauded Leto's performance and his preparation for the role. However, critics will always have something to say.

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