Transformers 5 Spoilers: Producer on Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Sequel Plus Things to Expect in the Next Installment

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Michael Bay's "Transformers 4" aka "Age of Extinction" is the biggest opening of the year 2014 with $100 millions earning over the first weekend in the U.S. itself. But even before the movie was released, Paramount scheduled "Transformers 5" for the year 2016. Here is all that is known so far about "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction" sequel. Also, find out about the producer's thoughts on the progress of the movie.

"Transformers 4" may not be a hit with critics, but plans for 2016's "Transformers 5" are already slated, according to various media outlets. However, "Transformers 4" producer Lorenzo do Bonaventura feels it is untimely to make such declarations.

"It's an exhausting process to make these movies. The scale of them is so enormous. It really does tax everybody and our tendency is to finish one at a time, recover, and then begin talking," Bonaventura told Screenrant.

The question is, will Michael bay return to direct the movie? The producer hints at their keenness in having the director back for the movie's much-anticipated fifth installment. They are reportedly in the process of figuring out "how to keep him [Michael Bay] going and excited" about the franchise.

According to Filmschoolrejects, the director is likely to return if "Paramount lets him do another "small"  movie, a la 'Pain & Gain,' beforehand."

Furthermore, potential spoilers from "Transformers 5" are already swirling around. Speculations are rife and it is believed that the cliffhanger ending of "Transformers 4" could be the clue to the opening of the sequel.

"Transformers: Age of Extinction" ends with Optimus Prime on a journey to find out "the Creators," he has been receiving signals from. This means the next film may introduce those who are behind creating the Transformers.

It is reported that "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction" sequel "could take place partially on Cybertron and beyond," according to Inquistr. Also, the next installment may finally see a confrontation with Unicorn.

Unicorn is a humungous robot that can transform into a mechanical planet and gulp up the other planets. He is often assisted by Decepticons in his evil endeavours. Though Unicorn is not a Decepticon itself, but it is thought to be the "creator" of the Decepticons. On the other hand there is Primus who is said to be Unicorn's Autobot counterpart and the potentially the creator of Autobots. None of this is confirmed. Thus these spoilers should be treated only as mere rumours. Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts about "Transformers 5" storyline. Would you like to see Mark Wahlberg and his character Cade Yeager make a return? 

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