‘Transformers’ 4 Age of Extinction New Trailer ‘Rule About Messing With People from Texas’ [Watch Video]

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Fans of the popular movie franchise "Transformers" 4 Age of Extinction got to see some new action in the latest trailer. Viewers can see Optimus Prime take down a Dinobot with a single punch.

"You know we've got a rule about people messing with people from Texas," Mark Wahlberg says in the new trailer. The actor plays Cade Yeager, a mechanic trying to make enough money to send his daughter to college.

The plot of the movie revolves around a discovery that Cade makes which has led a government official, Autobots and the Decpticons trying to seek him out and neutralise any threats.

"Transformers" 4 Age of Extinction is mostly filmed in Texas, so fans can expect to see a lot of open fields and possibly some desert action in the movie. The filming locations in Texas include Austin, Pflugerville, Elgin, Lockhart and Melber Lane, Manor. The other filming locations include Chicago, Illinois, Pontiac, Michigan, Jasper, Michigan, Moab, Utah, Detroit, Michigan, Hong Kong, China and Monument Valley, Utah.

In the previous movies the Autobots have been generally outgunned by the Decepticons with the latter getting all the big guns. Things may change in the upcoming movie as the Dinobots are added to the equation.

Dinobots are a faction of the Autobots who are fiercely independent and follow their own path. Will Optimus Prime be able to tame these beasts and convince them to fight alongside them to take on the powerful Decepticons?

The leader of the Dinobots is Grimlock a Tyrannosaurus rex Autobot. In the previous trailer fans were able to see Optimus Prime riding Grimlock. Fans also got to see Optimus Prime severely wounded in the trailer.

"Transformers" 4 Age of Extinction will be released on 26 June 2014 in Australia and New Zealand, on 27 June in the U.S and 10 July in the UK. The movie will be released on 8 August in Spain and Japan.

Fans are already excited about "Tansformers" 4 Age of Extinction and can't wait to see the Dinobots in action. There is huge expectation from the new star in the movie Mark Wahlberg. Will the new movie be able to match the fans' expectations?

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