Transfer Rumors: From Arsenal, Chelsea to Manchester United

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Football managers are all around Europe for final adjustments of their squads for the remaining time of the season. Conclusions are nearing while transfer rumors from Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United are still circulating.

Eyes are turned to the Premier League and assessments are made on England's top football teams. If Americans can't get enough of their NBA then Europe definitely shares the same passion with football. With that said, football teams are gearing up to polish their squads.

Arsenal's biggest move this January was to make a long-term deal with Theo Walcott. However, many critics are saying that the team needs to strengthen more if they're aiming to finish in the Premier League of four. Arsene Wenger said that they are ready to spend all out for the team but debates that there aren't enough talents available for them to pick up.

Although getting Walcott was a big move, it may not be enough to spare Wenger from his probable worst season at Arsenal.

Chelsea also made a big leap in strengthening their team this January by importing Demba Ba from Newcastle. Apart from that, they've also made a new one-year deal with Ashley Cole but refused to give Frank Lampard a longer contract. Signing in Demba was a wise move for The Blues, however they still struggle when it comes to managerial consistency.

Premier League leader, Manchester United, managed to snatch Wilfried Zaha from Crystal Palace. While another prospect, Angelo Henriquez was loaned to Wigan. Although they are considered one of the best of all the leagues, Manchester United struggles when it comes to defense. Their attention has always been focused on the goalkeeper and this might take a toll on them if they don't improve in defense.

But most definitely, importing Zaha and having Fergie to secure the Premier League title does a lot for the team. But when it comes to the Champion's League, it may be a whole different matter.

When the game starts, we'll be able to see who has done well with the January transfer windows.

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