Transfer News: Samuel Eto'o To Sign A One Year Deal Wth Liverpool FC

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3. Samuel Eto’o - £70 million
Eto’o plays as a striker for Chelsea FC as well as the Cameroon national football team. Some of his major sponsors include Puma and Ford, as reported by The Richest. In October 2013, he splurged on some car shopping and has certainly made good use of his salary by buying a fleet of cars reportedly worth £4 million, according to the Daily Mail. Eto’o bought an Aston Martin One-77 and V12 Zagato, as well as a luxury Maybach Xenatec. Reuters

The Cameron striker, Samuel Eto'o, will be on his way to Anfield if Liverpool is not able to strike a deal with Italian star Mario Balotelli. It will be a shocking move for many Anfield fans as Eto'o was seen at Chelsea last season, where he scored nine goals in 11 appearances. Jose Mourinho was reported to have called him an 'old man' in an interview to the French TV where he said, 'Eto'o is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows?', as reported by Mail Online.

Eto'o had a Liverpool medical examination in Paris and is said to be on standby as the talks with Balotelli have not yet ended. Earlier, Balotelli arrived at Merseyside to complete a £16m deal. However, he left without making anything clear regarding the discussion. If the deal collapses, Eto'o would surely be the one to put an end to a striker hunt by Liverpool. Brendan Rogers would now be relieved to have someone to fill a gap left by the marquee striker, Luis Suarez. Eto'o's stay at Anfield, if he is able to strike a deal, will be a short one. However, it wouldn't be as risky as that of the "Bad Boy", Mario Balotelli.

Eto'o has been on the check list of Everton as well, however, he has preferred Liverpool because he wants to play in the Champions League. It will be a great chance for him to prove Jose Mourinho wrong.

Eto'o kicked start his career with Real Madrid's B team, but was loaned to different clubs. Mallorca turned out to be the platform that best showcased his talent. He scored a record 54 goals for the team in a season and helped them win in the Copa del Rey. He transferred at the end of that season to Barcelona. In the second season, he became the highest goal scorer in La Liga.

He has been Cameron's star player and has helped them qualify to the World Cup Finals by scoring vigorously in the qualifying rounds. A transfer to the Premier League is on the cards in the next few days.

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