Transfer News: £2m Cut Everytime Mario Balotelli Mibehaves At Liverpool

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Mario Balotelli AC Milan
"Balotelli is with a big club at the moment but you never know the future." - Jose Mourinho Reuters

Mario Balotelli will lose £2m a year if he misbehaves during his stay at Anfield. Popularly known as Super Mario, Balotelli has done some inexplicable things during his stay at Manchester City and was fined for those with over $300 000 in the 2010-2011 season alone. Liverpool management saw the risks he can bring with him at Anfield and warned Balotelli that he should agree to the 'good behavior clause' before signing the £16m contract.

He arrived at Manchester this weekend to seal the deal with Liverpool. Luis Suarez scored 31 goals in the Premier League last season and just about gave his team a Premier League title. However, Brendan Rodgers will also have a face to face chat with Mario in relation to his move to Anfield. If he fails to impress the boss, it will be Samuel Eto'o in lieu of the Italian striker.

On the other hand, Liverpool management is encouraged by the eagerness of the striker as he agreed to play on a pay cut after a transfer from AC Milan. He scored 30 goals in 54 games for Milan. There is no doubt about Balotelli's ability and skills, but attitude pulls down the striker every now and then.

Brendan Rodgers seemed confident at signing the controversial star. He believes that he has created an atmosphere in the club that allows only those most fit to stay with them to survive. "Sometimes you have to take a risk with people and a lot of the time if you take that risk you get a reward," Rodgers said, as reported by "We've got a fantastic environment and culture here. Nothing that will ever shake or provoke that in any way. It's something I'll always protect at the club," he added.

The Italian star is said to be on his way to Anfield as he makes a return to the English Premier League after three years. The Premier League is said to be the most decorated league around the world, wherein the media covers each and every move of teams. It is followed by millions of football lovers across the globe. A final decision will be made in the coming week as Liverpool gears up to toughen up and reach the top four this season.

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