'Transcendence' Movie Receives Early Negative Feedback from Film Critics? [REVIEW]

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Johnny Depp presents the award for Best Movie of the Year at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California April 13, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Science fiction film "Transcendence" just started playing in cinemas worldwide. Much to the movie trailers , and the power cast, many film critics and film viewers were disappointed. Critics quickly expressed their thoughts and feedback about the awaited film.

Transcendence is a "sci-fi" story about a scientist dedicated to know and dig deep into the entirety of the universe. Doctor Will Caster (Johnny Depp) and his team are bent on creating a computer with "artificial intelligence" that will ultimately achieve change for all humanity. That change or event is what Dr. Will calls as Transcendence. One day, Dr. Will was shot by a group of "Luddites" that eventually puts him to die early in the story. Dr. Will's wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall), somehow revives her husband by uploading Dr. Will's consciousness into the quantum computer their team has worked on.

Much of the critics' negative feedback was blamed on its film Director Wally Pfister. Pfister is an American cinematographer and film director, who worked closely with Christopher Nolan's films before. Donald Clarke of the Irish TImes, one of the many to critique the film, said that Pfister's latest film failed to show cinematic sense of artificial intelligence. In a film review and report, "This sounds like a good idea for a film, but actually it's a very bad idea for a film. Directors have always struggled to represent the online world cinematically.", added Clarke. In another blog, it is said that the film didn't deliver more imaginary ideas of the future. "But I do wonder if, with its requirement for speedily manifested tension and almost immediate resolution, film finds itself rather handicapped when it comes to delivering a more liberal, considered view of things to come.", stated in a report from theguardian.com.

Redeeming Transcendence from negative feedback and posts, there are viewers who think differently of the film. "This film is quite bold, but not to a fault as the "journalists" would have you believe. Its boldness is found mostly in its subject matter and its ALMOST incomprehensibly-deep questioning of what it means to be self-aware.", in a comment by CircArg, user from metacritic.com.

Transcendence shows to tell that its viewers' reception and feedback are not collectively the same. The film has yet to be viewed by many. But so far, the feedback that surface news feeds are more negative-sided compared to positive ones.

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