Train Racist: Aussie Woman Attacks Others Passengers on the Train in Sydney, Charges Filed for Offensive Behaviour


The normal and peaceful train ride between Central and Strathfield stations on Wednesday afternoon, July 2, turned sour when an Aussie woman suddenly attacked the other passengers onboard with offensive language and racist comments. Sue Wilkins, 55, is now required to appear at a Sydney court later this July to deal with the charges filed against her for the unacceptable behaviour she displayed on the train.

One passenger was able to take a video of the Aussie woman's angry outburst on the train. The unpleasant incident reportedly started when Sue Wilkins tried to make the children give up their seats for her. Click HERE to watch video.

In The Herald report, witness Jade Marr recounted that the woman suddenly approached her family and told them to give up a seat for her. "She walked straight on the train, looked at my mum and said 'get your f***ing bogan children off the seat.' Then she said 'there are people here that need to sit down, I want to sit down'," the mother of two kids shared.

Jade Marr further shared that her children, 10-year-old Kendall and 7-year-old Jackson, were frightened with the Aussie woman's behaviour and got terrified when she declared that she will call the police on them for not giving what she wants.

The witness described that the incident made them feel they were walking in a movie set. "It's like you were watching it, but it wasn't real.  It was unbelievable to think somebody would say those things and act like that," Marr stated.

In the captured video, Sue Wilkins can also be seen shifting her abusive attack to the man filming her and the woman with an Asian appearance next to him. "Can't you get an Aussie girlfriend? You had to get a gook, you sad, poor pathetic man... Is it really that small you can't get an Aussie girl? What's wrong with Hong Kong? Why'd you come to this country? This is our country," Wilkins declared.  

According to the ABC News report, the passengers complained to the train security about the woman's behaviour but they did not take any action that day. "Their inquiries basically left this person to go about her journey and travel to another destination," Assistant Police Commissioner Max Mitchell stated.

The Assistant Police Commissioner, who described the train racist incident as "totally abhorrent," assured that they will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour anywhere on the public transportation system. Meanwhile, Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane praised the other train passengers for bringing up the incident to the public's attention.

"It is important that we hold people accountable for racist abuse and vilification. When confronted with such conduct, everyone should consider a response, including reporting it to a relevant authority," the commissioner stated.

On Thursday, July 3, Sue Wilkins was arrested on the New South Wales Central Coast. The investigators are now asking the other passengers who witnessed the train incident to come forward.

According to The Herald report, Sue Wilkins apologized for her racist comment to the Asian woman. The 55-year-old woman admitted she was "deeply ashamed" of her behaviour because she had a rotten day after being scammed out of $100,000 from a man she had met on a dating Web site.

Sue Wilkins from Buff Point was already issued with a notice to make a court appearance on July 31, 2014 for her offensive language.

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